JFK Dream

DSCF8308Last night I had my first ever JFK dream. Over the years you may know that I have had many presidential dreams, but usually with those dreams they were closer to the time of the president being in office and to my current age, whereas I was only 6 years old when JFK was killed.

But in this dream I am walking in a public area and people see him and are pointing like they think it is someone who looks like him, but I approach him cautiously and discover it is really him. We talked about all sorts of things when he was in the white house – it is as if he looks like he did then – but I look like I do now – and that the presidential thing has happened because at one point he told me that his wife warned him that he would be shot and killed in Dallas in a prophetic word, but that he felt he was supposed to go through with it because that was God’s plan.

He said that while on earth he never met any of the presidents who later came after him, but he knew some of them, especially Reagan. We entered into a time of prayer together, and then he prayed extensively for me with his hands on my shoulders, and then I tried to pray for him, but was interrupted by some others who recognized him, but when they left, then suddenly my 22 year old son Jason was there with his hands on the President’s shoulders and praying for him as I watched this unfold, and then he (JFK) said he had to go to his wife who was upstairs, and he opened a door and it closed behind him and I woke up.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “JFK Dream

  1. I had a dream about JFK where he was recognized by others when he was trying to talk to me too. The dream was so real it could be touched.

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