JFK Dream Interpretation

This is an interpretation of my JFK dream that a friend of mine from Texas sent me.  She is gifted in this realm so I have sent her notes on dreams in the past too.

DSCF8337Jay, I particularly feel this is one of the most important of your “Presidential dreams”.  I feel that the Lord is giving you “words of knowledge” on this extremely important event in the history of our country.  He is giving you understanding that others would NOT have privilege of knowing … you got your “inside information” from the Lord. 

Your caution means that you do not immediately believe or accept what seems obvious … how REAL this dream is.  But, the closer you look at it (dream) you are realizing it is REAL and TRULY about JFK.  Many dreams are symbolic, but, I feel this is one of the few that are literal in interpretation. 

It is important to recognize the meaning of the number 50.  I believe it is “JUBILEE”.  The meaning of that is significant in the life of our country in what took place in Dallas that day.  I believe the MOST important part of this dream is that “it was GOD’S PLAN” by allowing this. 

I feel the mention of Reagan is significant in revealing the “true GODLY President”.  I feel what I sensed last night during a news report on this event connects with this … Kennedy did have a heart for the Lord and prayer….as shown in this dream.  I believe Jason represents a generation that was “not alive” at that time, yet, have a heart to pray for the results of what this did in our country…. “hands on prayer” for our leaders.  Going to his wife upstairs, door closing behind him……..joined her in HEAVEN …. was present in this dream to give you understanding of what actually took place in “God’s plan” in this tragic event. 

DSCF8307Jay, I feel the Lord is showing me that there is significance in the last part of this dream when ….  I feel that Kennedy was a praying President.  You probably represent the CHURCH BODY praying for our government/leaders and there has been an “interruption of this type of praying” by national events, etc.  When the hoopla of all of this ceremonial recognition of the 50th anniversary of his assassination comes to an end … CURRENT DAY … Jason represents the younger generation SUDDENLY being raised up to “lay hold of this mantle to pray for our leaders”!!!  VERY POWERFUL!!!  It may well be JASON himself … literally interpreted. 



I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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