Christmas prayer and declaration for business and marketplace owners and employees

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Father, in Jesus Name,

I pray for business owners, CEO’s, leaders, administrators, managers, financial backers, marketplace entrepreneurs and anyone involved in economic ventures, to discover this December and holiday season that according to the bible, it is not some scheme, clever advertizing technique, marketing jingle or merger, but rather it is You God who gives them power to get wealth.  It clearly says in Your word in Psalm 112 that if we delight ourselves in You and Your commandments, that wealth and riches will be in our house. So we anticipate that as we yield to You God, that You will bring a yield back to us, and our banks will come to us to borrow money because of the blessing that flows to us through obedience and generosity.

We are also called  to hold to a higher standard of righteousness and integrity.

Psalm 26 declares that with integrity we can stand in an even place.  That even place is a place of stability in the midst of tough economic times.  We know and appreciate that a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways, and it is our desire to be stable, and present the stable and birth of Jesus as the standard this Christmas Season.

Lord you clearly instruct us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, and that after we do this “all of these things” will be added back to us.  Lord we desire to be motivated with pure hearts and minds to truly seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness, and to then be held in honor and high esteem in front of others, while having “those things” added back to us. 

We pray that when the things are added back to us, that  others will view that as a Kingdom blessing rather than some sort of greedy spiritual act.  It is Your will to bless us as we first go after Your kingdom.  We accept the challenge and  responsibility of presenting You first and  we also humbly and delightfully accept Your approval and Your blessing that comes with that challenge and responsibility.

We desire to approach You and come to You with a pure heart and clean hands expecting to serve You in business, and honor You in righteousness, while walking in integrity, and seeking Your Kingdom.  We also expect and anticipate the blessings that You have promised to those who do indeed seek you first.  Thank you Jesus!  We stand ready and willing on both sides of the promise because in Isaiah 1:19 Your word declares that if we are willing and obedient, You will give us the good of the land.

Therefore, according to Acts 3:19 – we repent of any business decision that has not honored You, and we are sorry, for any way that we have not walked in integrity with our clients, customers, employees or business partners.  We enter into Your agreement in Acts 3:19 that if we repent, our sins will indeed be blotted out and we will, experience times of refreshing from Your presence.  How exciting, thrilling and inspirational it is to be in Your presence, where we know according to Psalm 16:11 that true joy is found.

At Christmas we often sing Joy to the World, and so within the confines of our business, we want that melodic message of joy to be heard far and wide.  As with the song, “Climb Every Mountain”  – we want to sing high and low, Joy to the World, the Lord has come!  And he is Immanuel – still with us today! 

We desire that every client, customer, shopper and patron experienced true joy after having done business with us.  Lord show us how to bless and encourage as a way of lifting up the name of Jesus this Christmas season.  We honor You with our first fruits, our tithes and our offerings and we anticipate that You will indeed rebuke the devourer also known as the thief who would come to steal, rob and destroy our businesses.  We believe in You Jesus as the One who has come to give us life and yes, an abundant life, even with our business, job, employment, occupation, company, and our life’s pursuit in enterprise.

In Isaiah 32 we are told that a generous man devises generous things and by generosity he shall stand.  Once again, we look to the scriptures to show us how to stand on solid ground and with solid footings.  We believe Lord, that You want  us to be generous, and so we choose to  proceed with generous acts, and as a result, our business and our life’s productivity will stand when others could fall. 

We don’t desire that others fail and fall, but we recognize that we walk in a better covenant with You and trust in You for every deal, sale, delivery of goods, and transaction as a way to uphold Your biblical standards for business.  And so we are secure that our provision is not from volume of sales or business deals, or stocks and other commodities.  Our wealth and surplus comes from the Lord, who is the giver of all good things.  Trust becomes a priority and indeed, trust is a must!

Lord Jesus, we commit our business to You this month and believe that the prince of peace will prevail in every way, and that we will have the most peaceful Christmas season we have ever experienced without hype, hypertension, heartburn, headaches, discouragement, depression or any other negative demonic influence. 

We believe Jesus that You are once again celebrated as the new born King, and we count it a joy to be Your servants and to use our business and employment as an opportunity to advance Your kingdom this Christmas season.

Thank You for giving us these opportunities.  Galatians 6:10 says that as we have the opportunity we are to do good, unto all people, especially those of the household of faith.”  We anticipate walking through many doors of opportunities to bless, encourage, enhance and promote true Christmas values and the true meaning of Christmas

Jesus, You are not merely the reason for the season, You are the Season! 

Thank you Jesus!   You are amazing!  Merry Christmas God!


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4 thoughts on “Christmas prayer and declaration for business and marketplace owners and employees

  1. Thank you for articulating a clear message based on Biblical truth. This is a prayer I will print out and pray over and over again.

    • I am so glad you liked the prayer and plan to use it repeatedly as that is one of the main desires for folks to use it over and over. I am also excited and honored that you read my blog site today too – Thank you for blessing me in this way – feel free to share the blog or prayer with others that you think could use it – Sincerely, Jay West

      • Thank you J W. West for helping me to stroke the fire in me. I have just read a book Written by you. Willing to Yield, it was loaned to me by FC. It helped me to see and feel the presents of God. Again thank you. I look forward to reading downloads from heaven.

        April Cravens-Bankston.

      • I am so happy that my book is encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. I am honored that you read it and hope that we have the opportunity to meet sometime. God Bless you April.

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