Book Endorsement from Jack Taylor plus Miracle Testimonies

Endorsement for “Willing to Yield” book:

 Willing to Yield CoverWARNING: Do not begin reading this book unless you are willing to be distracted from what you are doing or planning to do and be arrested by and riveted to some of the greatest, most outlandish  stories you have ever read! Jay West is the real thing and is one of those unique ministers to whom God entrusts varying epiphanies or “God-happenings” as common fare.

ANOTHER WARNING:  The most daring, most graphic and most sensitive chapter is entitled, “Outmaneuvering the Manure”.  It may also be the most informative principle as well.

    So my advice to the reader as you help yourself to these pages is, “Proceed with caution!”  Do not develop an offense with the manner in which truth is articulated so as to miss the truth that might set you free!

Jack Taylor
Dimensions Ministries
Melbourne, FL.
(Jack Taylor is quoted in Bill Johnson’s book Dreaming with God) – Jack as agreed to write the foreword for my next book “Kingdom Encounters” which I hope to have published by February.  2/3 of the book have been written and I am writing daily to meet this deadline.

DSCF8524 A miracle happened this morning at a local church I was ministering at as God gave me a word to pray for shoulders – one lady came forward and could only raise her arm about 2 or 3 inches and has no ball joint or socket in her shoulder, so after a brief prayer she could raise her arm about 12 inches so I prayed again, and held onto her hand and she lifted her arm and my hand almost near the top of her head with no pain or discomfort – that was simply amazing. She said over and over that she could not come to close to that prior to the prayer – but could only raise her arm a couple of inches – Praise God!

Prior to that I prayed for a group of people who had various sleep disorders and Jason led out in the singing of Silent Night.  We have done this before and there is an anointing on that song to help people receive healing for sleep problems.  It is amazing how God works in and through that song, but we have seen it happen several times.

downsized_1122132143In another state recently I was praying for some folks, including a lady with both of her knees hurting and after a very short prayer, she was able to walk up and down a flight of stairs with no pain.  Also prayed for another lady with what she described as a pinched nerve in her neck and the pain left while praying.  Finally a guy who had a broken leg and foot for 14 weeks and was wearing a boot and in a lot of pain got prayer and all of his pain left and he was able to walk up and down a very narrow set of steps without his crutches which he had used to enter the building.  He told me that his doctors had told him that he had another eight weeks in the cast and boot, but it was amazing how good he felt.  He walked out of the building and up more steps outside in the snow without his crutches without any wincing or pain.  These are all great times to praise the Lord!

Jay at CelebrationNext weekend Jason and I will be ministering in deep southwest Kansas with two unique services there, and a meeting with the leadership plus a meeting with some folks who went to Bethel’s school of supernatural ministry in Redding, CA and then helping to lead a service at a Rest Home.  My goal is to pray for these older patients who have pain and I expect many to be healed and relieved of the pain they are in.  We should be home just in time for Christmas Eve.  The  first weekend in January I will be going to Amarillo to minister there followed by the second weekend in Houston.  Looking forward to seeing many of my Texas friends.

Remember, Jesus is not merely the reason for the season, but He is the Season!

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I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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