2014 Ministry Starts Powerfully Anointed

DSCF8652My recent time in Amarillo Texas with the great congregation at Generation Next Worship Center was a blast.  The church is actually located on historic route 66 too. 

So many wonderful connections with fantastic people who love Jesus, and then seeing a lot of really cool powerful and anointed ministry as Jesus was definitely in the house.  Many were healed really fast of pain issues and also eyes were healed by the incredibly anointed power of God.   Way too much to list here but trust me when I say it really was special.

DSCF8649It is interesting though what God will use as I was watching a movie Friday evening and someone in the movie had an ulcer, and God told me that someone would be at the church who needed healing of an ulcer.  So I announced that one first and several people responded, with one young lady later giving testimony that her pain was so intense she almost did not attend, but asked God for a confirmation if she went  that God was working in her life, and then the first one I announced was that God wanted to minister to those with ulcers and stomach problems.  Isn’t that so wonderful?

downsized_0105141308I was honored to give many accurate words of knowledge and Jesus spoke thru me to others.  It should not surprise us that Jesus still speaks today since He is the Word of God.  One of those words was when I asked anyone who felt like they had a calling to worship or lead worship to come up on the platform and stand behind the praise team.  Later I had the praise team pray for these folks and some were given a mic and offered the chance to lead worship right there on the spot.  It was a blessed moment for sure. 

DSCF8645My time with the people there was so affirming and I bonded so easily with them, and the pastor hopes to have me back yet again this year.  This is a church that my personal pastor is the overseer of, and he recommended me to them so it all went very well, and I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and affirming email and face book notes too.

My next and 3rd book is getting closer to being published.  It is called “Kingdom Encounters” and is more in style and size to the first book called “Downloads from Heaven.”  Jack Taylor has written the foreword and is considered by Bill Johnson to be Bill’s spiritual father. I am so honored to have Jack’s foreword on this new book and his endorsement of “Willing to Yield.”  Jack has an amazing traveling ministry and you can find out more about him at JackRTaylor.com and Dimensions Ministries.

We have elected to go with Spiritruth publishing and Pastor Eddie Smith who oversees the the US Prayer Center.  We are delighted with this change of venue because Eddie can get my book into Christian and Secular bookstores and on Amazon, Kindle and E-Books too.  The book is now in the second editing phase and will be returned to me in a couple of weeks for the final editing before submitting it for publishing. 

Also, I am helping a couple of others now with their publishing works including sharing counsel on the process and editing for them as well.  And I am working on the manuscript for my 4th book that I hope to release in the middle of this coming summer in 2014 as well.  God has sure blessed me with some great friends and amazing opportunities.

DSCF8471In late January I am co-leading a seminar in Omaha with a friend of mine, Pastor T W Norman at Calvary Lutheran.  The seminar is called “2020 vision for 2014, learning to hear and see what God is doing.”  This will be on Saturday January 25th from 9:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.   All are invited to attend.

DSCF8615Diane and I continue to forge ahead on our diets and eating plans.  We have both lost nearly 40 pounds each now and continue towards our goals.  The holidays were not as rough as we thought, but still had some challenges.  Thank you for your thoughts and kind remarks as we endeavor to eat and live healthier.  The Omaha World Herald newspaper wrote an article about weight loss over the holidays and included me in the article.  It appeared in the Living Section on January 7th if you care to look it up and read it.

As I write this I am getting ready to go to Houston to minister at Ashford Community Church 1/10 – 13,  and then at a smaller home church in North Houston as well.  I hope to see many of my wonderful Texas friends again with this second trip to Texas in two weeks.

  Howdy Y’all!

If you would like information on purchasing any of my books or perhaps to schedule a seminar, healing service, revival or other ministry opportunity, please contact me directly at anointed2go@cox.net 

Thank you

Pastor Jay West (pictured with Diane and Jason)


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