Tired! Pumped! Excited! Anointed! Prayerful!

I am tired, but in a good way.  And I sense that God is about to unleash and increase some new anointing in some spectacular ways.  There is so much going on and I am eager to share some of it with you. 

Kingdom Encounters Front CoverAs you may remember, my 2nd book “Willing to Yield” got some amazing recognition thru a word of knowledge out at Bethel Church in Redding, CA where Bill Johnson is the pastor.  This happened in front of 1000 leaders from around the world,  Shortly after that Jack Taylor who is Bill Johnson’s spiritual Father wrote an endorsement for the book, and then wrote the foreword for my newest book coming out in just a couple of weeks, called “Kingdom Encounters.”  This book is actually co-authored by Jason West as well. 

Then Eddie Smith who is the leader of the U.S Prayer Network, offered to publish this new book, and get it out in other venues such as Kindle, Amazon, and in secular and Christian Bookstores too.  As a possible result of all of this, the publisher and us believe there is a lot of spiritual warfare happening in preparation for this book to be released, as there have been lots of editing and formatting issues, that have included me having to proof the book 8 times now.  Keep in mind I only proofed my other two books a combined total of 6 times, so you can see this has been very tiring and almost exhausting.  But we are almost finished and it will soon be released and published and available to everyone around the world.  Now that is amazing for sure.  Praise God!!!

DSCF8729The man who is a partner with Eddie and does the actual publishing and printing secured a copy of “Wiling to Yield” and his eleven year old daughter started to read it and could not put it down, so he offered to get that one and “Downloads from Heaven” out in other venues as well for a ridiculously low price because he believes they all have value and need to be read.  So these are tremendous blessings.  I am excited about these possibilities for sure!

Other ministry opportunities are highlighted here with one having more information given below with pictures too.

  • I am doing prison ministry now every other Wednesday here locally in the Omaha area, meeting with several men and leading times of study and prayer together
  • Currently Diane and I are working with and helping in the vision casting and promotion of a new Christian School Opening in our area this coming fall called Valor Christian School so once or twice a week we are meeting with the various committees to assist this process.  She is still working and teaching in her school as well, but we are not sure it will be open next year, so we are exploring all options.
  • Starting in March for six weeks I will be teaching a new class at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center dealing with the prophetic in personal prayer ministry, offering teaching and hands on experience with words of knowledge, wisdom, discernment, prophecy and other methods of  proclaiming supernatural prayers and downloads from God.  This class will start on Sunday evening March 9th
  • I have been helping three other people publish their books and writing endorsements and helping them in the initial process of their book writing debut.  This has included editing and personal meetings to assist, promote and encourage them in the process.
  • And this may surprise you, but I am one of two candidates at a church out in Seward Nebraska for the senior pastor position.  I will be preaching and ministering there in a couple of weeks and Jason will be helping with worship too.  We are going as a family to check it out and to hopefully discover God’s will in this possibility.  Please pray for us.

DSCF8734Recently Jason and I were honored to minister at Life Change Church in Omaha.  This is a fun church where the senior pastor Ross Hoffman used to be a children’s pastor, and so he brings a lot of that child like joy to the rest of the body of believers there.  He actually had a word from the Lord which caused me to change my message just prior to going up to preach and minister, and then we had extended worship with a lot of words of knowledge released, plus many people getting well from all sorts of physical problems and pain issues.  Many of these folks were healed in less than one DSCF8733minute each time as prayer was offered and shared.  It was an incredibly powerful service, that lasted just over three hours and then the people lingered for another hour or so after the service.  I have a chapter in my new book about this called Anointed After Glow.  I will be back at this church for two consecutive Thursdays in March.

DSCF8735This was one of the happiest, friendliest and fun churches I have been in to minister at, so I took some pictures of them in worship.  Can’t you just sense the hunger and joy in the room from the pictures?!?!

Finally, I have been writing out healing prayers and posting them on face-book as I receive the words from the Lord, and people have been reading them and getting well.  I am believing that it is genuine based on how the notes are written and because I previously had no knowledge of these conditions, and yet the people who are responding are so encouraged, and so pumped about what just happened.  So I think I will write a blog about healing in the near future to encourage you to step out in similar realms of faith and see what God might do. 

Thanks for reading my blog today – and let me know if I can assist you in some way, or pray for you or offer some encouragement.  I would be honored to try.

Kingdom Encounters Front Cover

9 thoughts on “Tired! Pumped! Excited! Anointed! Prayerful!

  1. Reblogged this on greystew and commented:
    I’ve known Jay for some time (via internet) and he is such a blessing. I am constantly excited hearing how Father God moves more & more through this man’s available heart.

  2. I am also looking forward to the kindle version of your book or books. Good to hear how the Lord is blessing you and your ministry. I will be praying for your word from God about the Seward lead pastor position.

  3. Jay, the ministry time at our home was amazing for so many that were there! God’s Presence was both powerful and tender all at the same time. We are grateful to the Lord that we had the blessing of having you minister in our home to our friends. Lives were touched, bodies healed and many refreshed and restored by being there. God is using your ministry in a mighty way!

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