Prayer for you today!

Dear God,

I pray for my friends and acquaintances today to be DSCF7839filled with all the goodness and power of the Kingdom of Heaven. I ask that each person walk into new and great levels of health and healing. I agree with your word that declares that we are anointed, and that the presence of God will bring us joy and pleasures forevermore. I ask for grace and peace to abound and for faith to rise up with integrity and faithfulness to make sound decisions, with godly responses and interactions to tough situations and tough problems.

I pray for financial provision to increase, and that wealth and riches will be in each household. I pray for understanding and calmness to be displayed where there are relationship problems, and for solutions and answers to difficult problems. I ask for a spirit of wisdom to permeate every person who needs that today.

bellsI pray that your love and incredible presence will be with each person in a way that they find difficult to actually explain and that they experience joy unspeakable, and that it produces a wow factor in their lives today. Lord let this be a special day for my friends and may they encounter the Holy Spirit unlike ever before. Thank you Jesus for touching them now with everything they need, recognizing that you have the answers, you have the provision, you have the healing, you have the restoration and you have protection.

God I thank you for how this prayer written spontaneously right now will generate testimonies tomorrow and in the days to come, in your amazing and wonderful name, our Savior, and our Lord, Amen!

7 thoughts on “Prayer for you today!

  1. Jay, I really find your posts inspiring! Keep up your God work. Neil

    On Thu, 6 Mar 2014 14:04:07 +0000 Anointed2Go MdM

  2. Thank you for your anointed prayer. It’s nice to be sitting on the couch reading my emails and there is someone who has prayed for me. May God continue to empower you to go–spiritually, physically and financially.

  3. From Bonnie. This prayer agrees with what John has been saying at the prayer meetings. He says that we should continually pray for us and others to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is not a one-time prayer. God bless you and your family. See you later this month. We are cancelling the prayer meeting, so we can come to your service.

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