Dream about President Obama

Since moving to Omaha, Nebraska just over 14 years ago, I have begun to have presidential dreams and have previously had several including JFK, Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43, and this if my first of President Obama.  If you have comments about this dream please share them, but please be honoring and respectful in your responses or I won’t post them. I ask this because the bible says we are to give honor and respect to those in authority.  The JFK dream can also be found here on my blog as well.

I was in the white house visiting in some sort of conference or banquet room, yet the tables were not round but the more rectangular ones, with nice table cloths and staff milling about.  I am sitting relaxed at one of the tables wearing a sport coat and tie and the President is next to me wearing a navy blue suit, white long sleeve shirt and tie.  He is dressed much nicer than I, but we are engaged in a very friendly conversation as if we have known each other for a long time.  

 At one point I mentioned that I had quoted someone else on a John Maxwell leadership principle about the White House and the President immediately dropped his head and stated people don’t’ understand how hard he works, how hard he tries and how much he loves this country.  I can tell that my remark has hurt him so I then ask for his forgiveness, and he immediately grabs by hand under the table cloth and squeezes it as if to say it is okay, but his hand is very wet like he was perspiring a lot. 

I offer to go into prayer and he agrees and I begin to pray for him in and about many things, from national security, to foreign affairs, and then for more personal items on his spiritual journey including time with his family and his wife, and I ask God to restore joy to him and at that point the President interrupts me and suggests that we sing an old upbeat hymn with the words joy in it that I do not know and he starts singing it, but I am just watching him and trying to catch the melody.  

 He then jumps up and tells me to follow him and we go around the corner and into another room and there are some staff people there, all dressed very casual and one is near a piano and he goes to this man and asks him to play this hymn and as he plays the piano the president takes off his coat and begins to kind of dance and leap in a circle fashion around the room and his aids all begin to follow him and do the same, and one aid turns to me and says, “Does this surprise you?”  And I responded by saying no, that I had just prayed with the president in the other room, and the eyes of the aid got really big and he had this surprised look on his face.  

 At this point there is a lot of confusion and noise and we turn to discover that the president has fallen and his right leg is bent up strangely under himself and he is trying to free himself from this position and is in obvious pain.  For some reason too, he is now wearing casual dress slacks and a button down patterned shirt, and not the suit he  had on moments ago.  He keeps trying to move his right ankle and foot out from under himself and finally does so and is able to get up and limp over to a corner where there is a chair to sit on.  Several offer to help him get there but he declines and sits down on the chair, and I looked up and noticed the cameras in the ceiling and then medical professionals are coming into the room carrying all sorts of normal medical equipment and they begin to tend to him and that is when I wake up.  

Keep in mind that this dream happened just last week and just after I was recently  appointed to be the Nebraska Representative for the United States National Prayer Counsel, and after having met with and established an ongoing relationship with the current Governor of Kansas.  Over the years God has blessed and honored me to have relationships with politicians at many levels, including the local, state and national ones.  I have previously prayed with and visited three Governors and several judges, plus Senators and Congressman, mayors and other elected officials.

I have received a prophetic interpretation from a trusted friend in Texas about this dream, but if you have Godly inspired revelation about this dream, please share it so I can gain further understanding.  Thank you. 

2 thoughts on “Dream about President Obama

  1. I believe when you mentioned John Maxwell’s Laws of Leadership, especially the ones that speak of influence and navigation, he really is that kind of leader, but he is under great pressure from others so as to not lead the way he would like. I
    believe when he dropped his head and began to cry out he was expressing his true heart. When he grabed your hand with his sweaty palm, he was realizing the prayers of the rightous availeth much.

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