Three Interpretations of Recent President Obama Dream.

Three friends, in Texas, New York and Arizona have all submitted possible interpretations of the dream I had recently of President Obama.  The first one  is more personal to me while the other two are more relational to him.  What do you all think?  Whatever we do, we are to pray for those in authority.  That is a given.  

#1 First, let me reiterate that MOST dreams are not interpreted literally.  I would say that dreaming about President Obama is more of a time line direction so that you know it is current.  In other words the Holy Spirit is pointing out what is going on right now in your life through this “dark language”.  It makes you seek HIM to FIND HIM through this type of communication when your conscious mind is not in the mix to color the story/message in your own way. 

As a minister you are most likely going to interpret this dream as “Spiritual or Government LEADERSHIP” … those (one person or more) that you are currently in relationship with.

 I was in the white house visiting in some sort of conference or banquet room, yet the tables were not round but the more rectangular ones, with nice table cloths and staff milling about.  I am sitting relaxed at one of the tables wearing a sport coat and tie and the President is next to me wearing a navy blue suit, white long sleeve shirt and tie.  He is dressed much nicer than I, but we are engaged in a very friendly conversation as if we have known each other for a long time. …At the White House you would have to be an invited guest.  They want you there.  Your relationship is one that you are comfortable in dressy casual clothing … not formal.  You are not trying to impress, but be yourself.   Relationship has given you entrance into high places … the highest of places. 

 At one point I mentioned that I had quoted someone else on a John Maxwell leadership principle about the White House and the President immediately dropped his head and stated people don’t’ understand how hard he works, how hard he tries and how much he loves this country.  I can tell that my remark has hurt him so I then ask for his forgiveness, and he immediately grabs by hand under the table cloth and squeezes it as if to say it is okay, but his hand is very wet like he was perspiring a lot.  I offer to go into prayer and he agrees and I begin to pray for him in and about many things, from national security, to foreign affairs, and then for more personal items on his spiritual journey including time with his family and his wife, and I ask God to restore joy to him and at that point the President interrupts me and suggests that we sing an old upbeat hymn with the words joy in it that I do not know and he starts singing it, but I am just watching him and trying to catch the melody…. You unknowingly touch on a deep seeded problem with what you speak.  Dropping the head reveals possible shame or pain.  This person’s true intentions and motivations are not understood and this causes obvious grief.  You are apologetic for your words.  He doesn’t want to be seen publicly showing his feelings towards you.  Wet hands are the result of nervousness, anxiety and stress.  His personal gestures are “under the table” … Your prayers are to cover this person personally and professionally at the highest level.  Your prayers are immediately answered (joy)  This reveals this man has a spiritual background of some sort to have sung a hymn that is triggered by your prayer.

He then jumps up and tells me to follow him and we go around the corner and into another room and there are some staff people there, all dressed very casual and one is near a piano and he goes to this man and asks him to play this hymn and he does and as he does the president takes off his coat and begins to kind of dance and leap in a circle fashion around the room and his aids all begin to follow him and do the same, and one aid turns to me and says, “Does this surprise you?”  And I responded by saying no, that I had just prayed with the president in the other room, and the eyes of the aid got really big and he this surprised look on his face….  This man has a “Davidic anointing” … he dances like David and it influences those who serve him.  His associates who serve him are surprised that what they are seeing are the result of prayer.

 At this point there is a lot of confusion and noise and we turn to discover that the president has fallen and his right leg is bent up strangely under himself and he is trying to free himself from this position and is in obvious pain.  For some reason too, he is now wearing casual dress slacks and a button down patterned shirt, and not the suit he  had on moments ago.  He keeps trying to move his right ankle and foot out from under himself and finally does so and is able to get up and limp over to a corner where there is a chair.  Several offer to help him get there but he declines and sits down on the chair, and I looked up and noticed the cameras in the ceiling and then medical professionals are coming into the room carrying all sorts of normal medical equipment and they begin to tend to him and that is when I wake up….  There are demonic assignments to trip up this man.  He may very well “take a fall”.  He is trying to recover on his own, to free himself.  After the fall he will “step down” into a less formal position that is more on the level of those who serve him or like yourself, Jay.  The right leg is usually indicative of ministry (right hand of fellowship for example).  He is showing self-sufficiency even when others try to help … he will do it.  Hard to submit himself or humble himself to the help of others.  Cameras capture moments.  He is perhaps being watched.  Help arrived while you are a part of this season in this person’s life. 

All of the events that are shown in this dream could very well be a new way the Lord may be giving you “words of wisdom”.

#2  Here are some of the things I see in your dream.

— Christians misunderstand the president. He is trying hard and does love this country (though perhaps from a different perspective).

— The president is under a lot of stress and needs our prayers.

— The most important prayer he needs is for joy (or hope) to be restored, and specifically his personal hope.

— Prayer can enable the president to turn the corner and get in step once again.

— The president’s side will be surprised by Christians having prayed for him and (that Christians are happy that he is doing better.)

— The change in his clothes represents either a time when things are going better and the president can relax, or it represents that he is no longer separate from “us”, but comes to represent America more fully.

— So, when his right leg is twisted out from under him, it could either represent conservatives attacking him, or more broadly it would represent an attack (in the broad sense) on America that cuts a leg out.

— After this, he seems (or America seems) to no longer want anybody’s help and struggles on his (or its) own.

— At which point the “professionals” intervene, which I would take to represent the government professional bureaucrats.


#3  I believe I got the following. The first part of the dream you saw President Obama as he wanted you and the rest of the world to see. He wanted to be like and you showed him that but he was not ready to receive it. His falling represents what has and is happening to him and his policies and direction. He feels helpless, he feels everything he did and does was right and for the best for the country. In a time when he has and is falling it is a call to prayer and action to draw him to Jesus, to seek Jesus’ direction, leading and Lordship for this country and help get him back up and going in a Godly direction.  

The dream is also about a cry from Pres. Obama’s soul for healing and restoration both for him as a person and for the nation. A call to prayer and action for restoration and healing.

8 thoughts on “Three Interpretations of Recent President Obama Dream.

  1. Interesting dream. I too have had dreams of myself being on Air Force One in a high level cabinet meeting with President Obama. I have also had a dream where I saw president Obama speaking at some sort of Rally where I went up to a place where access to the president was blocked by secret service. I told them that I had a word of the Lord to deliver to the president and they let me have access to him.
    Again, interesting dream you had. And, by the way, I too am from Arizona

      • One possible interpretation of the dream of me in a cabinet meeting on airforce 1 is that I would be made aware of plans being made behind closed doors, another is that I may have a position of trust.

      • One interpretation is that, even though I was not present in body, the Lord was showing me what was going on behind closed doors. I personally feel that this could be a Daniel thing as well where I am a trusted advisor.

  2. This comment is not an interpretation of your dream. It is an encouragement to you to continue the hunt.

    Seeking Him is the key, it is His primary purpose in giving us dreams. Dreams make you seek God, they make you aware that you are not always in full step with Him, that He is still transcendent and a mystery, that you need find where He is, and what He is saying, and must fight to remain in step.

    Dreams also make us pointedly aware that they are a parable of life. Things happen in dreams and in life which are vivid yet mysterious, they are both clear and cloudy. They have a meaning which is right in front of us, and yet Jesus says it in a way that makes us seek Him out. Mark 4:10 says, “And when He was alone, they that were about Him with the twelve asked of Him the parable.”

    That which is vivid and clear we walk out in faith. The mysterious things being mixed right in with the clear things keep us humble, and almost force us to our knees in order to get God’s guidance. We must get Him alone, which implies we must be alone with Him ourselves, seeking His face in prayer.

    Jesus spoke in the ongoing present tense when He said to ask, seek and knock. Every day, every step we are to seek Him and keep seeking. And both what we see clearly and dimly are a gift from Him to us. His desire is for us…

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