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DSCF9378 Diane and I celebrated our 35th anniversary this past weekend, even though the actual day was August 11th.  I was in Florida with Jason on the 11th attending the Voice of the Apostles Conference.  Anyway, Diane and I ended up spending the day together including going to an art museum, out to the cheesecake factory and then seeing a movie.  We had a relaxing time.  I have posted three pictures below.  One was taken one year ago when we both weighed a whole lot more than we do now, and then the other two shows our weight loss to date.  God actually downloaded an eating plan to me last September and to date I have lost 72 pounds and Diane has lost 57.  That is a Big praise God and a Big thank you too.  And yes we ate cheese cake and yes we both managed to lose weight that day too.  Many have asked about this eating plan and it will appear in my new book being published this fall. I will write more on this further down.





As stated above, I have been busy working on my 4th book which I hope to publish this fall, and it is on healing.  The cover design is awesome and the content is new and fresh with a catchy title.  Sam Hinn has agreed to write the foreword and endorse the book so I am grateful for this new connection.  Jason and I met with Sam while we were in Orlando for the Voice of the Apostles Conference and he was a delight to get to know.  In addition to that book, I am also writing some on my 5th book and Jason, Diane and I are going to co-author a book together that Jason has started to write as well.

God has us working on something new as we explore a new church plant opportunity here in the greater Omaha area.  God has been bringing me new friends and new people that I did not previously know who are interested in this blueprint strategy, along with a bunch of others that I did previously know, but who are not currently active in a church.  This strategy is radically different and is Kingdom driven not pastoral driven, with multiple discipleship entry points, mentors, and agreement factors which we call Splash Zones because we believe that when we get in the river of God, church becomes fun, and we also espouse to the idea that everyone gets to play – a statement made famous by John Wimber.  If you are in the Omaha area and desire to know more and learn about this blueprint strategy, please let me note or contact me at for more information and I will gladly share these with you.  The church would actually be called “Kingdom Encounters” which is the title of my 3rd book.  But I remain in a traveling mode presently too, so let me know if I can serve you or your church in the near future.

DSCF9054Jason and I launched out this summer with our own seminars called Kingdom Encounters – Prophetic Intercession and so far we have hosted three of them with the 4th one coming up September 6th at Grace University in the administration building in room 201 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 12:30 p.m.  This seminar will feature my friend Fc Farwell teaching on how the prophetic reveals the Heart of the Father and then I will be teaching on how to use the gift of Wisdom in Prophetic Intercession.  Jason will lead lingering worship and we always have a snack break and lots of personal prayer ministry.  Fc is pictured here below. DSCF8852


Jason is back on campus now for his senior year of college, which will include one semester of classes and one semester of student teaching.  As a family we did a service project for the university and trimmed over 30 trees.  We have also been honored to connect with the University President, Dr. David Barnes and his wife who came to our house for dinner.  See the pictures below including one of trimmed trees.






I am also networking with various politicians and other intercessory leaders in my role as the Nebraska Representative for the United States National Prayer Council, and I am waiting for confirmation to meet and pray with the Governor of Nebraska and the Mayor of Omaha.  My friendship with the Governor of Kansas continues so please be in prayer for these opportunities.  

DSCF8849Finally, I have initiated proceedings to have my ministry become tax exempt and incorporated.  This word from the Lord actually took me by surprise when it was given to me in early June, but it has been confirmed in a variety of ways including that of my Intercessory Team pictured to the left, and so I am grateful for this new leading and direction.  And I have asked our pastor James Hart of Eagle’s Nest Worship Center to be my overseer for the next few years and he has graciously agreed to function in this capacity.  

Diane is back teaching at St. Paul Lutheran School an urban school on the other side of Omaha.  Her class size has increased to 16 this year.  Originally they were going to cut salaries, but we learned today that this action has been postponed, for which we are grateful.  Please keep all of us in your prayers as we endeavor to do the work of the Lord and expand the Kingdom of God in our region, and perhaps in yours.

Enjoy!   DSCF9380

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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