Spontaneous Public Kingdom Encounters – Church in the Houston Airport

DSCF8964Over my many years of traveling I enjoy and love to discover what God is doing on a certain day, especially as it relates to witnessing  and praying for others in public.  There are days when many such opportunities exist and other days when there are few, and so I choose to embrace what God is doing, rather than what He is not doing.  But it is exciting and encouraging to be used by the Lord to demonstrate, advance, share, expand and manifest His Kingdom values, power, authority and culture in many public settings.  I have been honored to pray  for total strangers in department stores, restaurants, hotels, on airlines, in airports, in swimming pools, at the mall, in parking-lots, at hospitals, in grocery stores, and with delivery drivers, taxi drivers, postal workers, utility workers, government employees, politicians and more.  I simply look for ways to bring God up in the conversation, and then proceed with the open doors that the Lord opens up for me.    

There is a recent post on this blog about praying for a man selling corn on the side of the road and how God used me to pray and then  supernaturally healed his eyes. God is amazing, and a friend that I love to travel with.  He can also be your best friend too. ( I will show you how near the end of this blog – keep reading)

Just last night I had a meeting with several people at Panera’s Bread, and as I was waiting in line to get an iced green tea, I met a man, who was a physician’s assistant up from San Antonio and as I struck up a conversation with him I asked him if he needed or wanted prayer and he said yes and told me what he needed it for, and immediately I prayed for perhaps 30 seconds and he shook my hand so hard I thought he was going to break it off, but his gratitude was genuine.  Then a short time later I had an opportunity in the same place to witness to another man and help him out with his bill as he was just a little short in the needed finances.  He thanked me over and over.

DSCF9328Two weeks ago while at a restaurant at one of the Disney Hotels, I asked one of the servers behind the counter if she needed prayer, and she said yes for her son, and so I prayed right there with her and then she let me take her picture, shared here with you.  Later in that same restaurant I had the opportunity to visit and witness to one of the cashiers who was Buddhist.   I told her about how Jesus still heals today and that He could take away her frequent headaches – she would not let me pray with her, but she listened to my testimony.

Some of these people I have met have turned into lasting relationships, while others were just one time Kingdom Encounters.  I remember meeting a man in a swimming pool at a hotel I was staying at and I struck up a conversation, and discovered he was a CEO type in a major corporation, and after my prayer for him, he was gracious and kind.  Later that evening he ran into me in the hotel and told me that his daughter had just gone into premature labor at home and asked me to pray for her so I did.  He then asked if he could have breakfast with my wife and I the next morning.  We met and I gave him a copy of one of my books.  Several months went by and then I received a nice email from him stating he had enjoyed my book and that God had answered every prophetic aspect of the prayers I had shared when with him.

h27Once on an airplane I was upgraded to first class and ended up praying with the man sitting  next to me.  We talked all the way from Minneapolis to Ft. Lauderdale, and he later took me out to dinner one night.  After that he made a large donation to my ministry, and blessed me in several ways.  So I wanted to bless him and thank him, so one an extended layover in Minneapolis, I took him out to dinner at Mall of America, where during the conversation he shared with me about the Ed Silvoso Conference in Hawaii and offered to pay my way to attend, paying the airfare, hotel, and conference fees.  This all came about after I had offered to pray with him on our initial meeting.  His picture is included here with my son Jason for you to see as they are sitting by the pool in Hawaii.

Jesus said in John 5:19 that He only did what He saw the Father doing, and I do too.  But Jesus also said in Matthew 7:14 that the Kingdom of God is at hand, so I frequently tell people that the Kingdom is always as close to you as your hands are.  I remember praying for a young lady at the check in counter of a hotel to become pregnant, and nearly a year later, she emailed me that this had happened and that she and her husband had a new baby girl.  Some stories have resulted in helping people with finances, and supplies or resources, usually provided by not just me, but also others whom I would email and ask if they can help.  One such story is rather long but involves a lady at a local Omaha restaurant who was going through a really tough time about four years ago and she remains a good friend to this day, has bought my books and shared them with others and has been an encouragement to me too.  

There are so many stories, with some being extremely funny and  others being very serious, but all seemingly having a great impact on the Kingdom of God.   I will now share two more brief stories.

downsized_0103141225 I was checking in at the airlines counter in Houston for a return trip home and I asked the lady behind the counter if she needed prayer and she simply asked me to pray that the customers would not be so rude to her, so I prayed that prayer and and added in a few other things that God impressed upon me to pray.  She thanked me and stated that she wanted to do something nice for me, so she upgraded me to first class.  It was one of those times when I bowed my head in prayer and said, “Thank you Jesus.”  Then when I got past security and into the airport, I had an opportunity to pray with still another lady at the news stand, and her brother had just passed away and so I prayed for comfort for her, and she thanked me stating that God had told her that morning that someone would come to her and encourage her today, and she thought I was that person.  

DSCF8849I later texted my Intercessory team at home and told them to come on down as I was having church in the Houston airport.  My encouragement to you is don’t wait till Sunday to have Church.  Be the church everyday.  Look for ways for God to open the doors to help and encourage.  

I wrote above that God can be your best friend too.  If you desire that, just pause now, and humbly say these words as a prayer to him… 

“Dear God, I  know that I need you and I need a great friend like You.  Please come and visit me, and then stay with me.  I ask that you forgive me of anything I have done wrong or how I may have sinned against you and others.  I believe that you want to be my savior, my Lord and my very best friend.  I acknowledge you as my God and trust in you to lead me from this day forth.  I pledge to start reading my bible and to find a good bible believing church, but most of all I want You to know that I thank you, I love you, and I want to serve you the rest of my life.  Come and live big in me so that I can live big in you.  Thank you Jesus, Amen!”  

Now take a few moments just to talk to the Lord in your own way, and I believe this new time of prayer will lead you to public times like I have shared in this blog, and then send me your testimonies of how God is working in your life, and I may just publish some of them on this blog and in my future books too.  Thank you so much.  God Bless You!

All three of my current books have multiple testimonies of praying for people in public, along with many other miraculous stories, plus anointed teaching and times of reflection to encourage further growth, courage and trust.  

For those who are new, or desire to read more, the titles are “Willing to Yield,” ” Kingdom Encounters,” and “Downloads from Heaven,”  and are available from me or on Amazon, Kindle, E-Books and Audio Books.  My new book on supernatural healing will be available in the fall of 2014.

Willing to Yield CoverKingdom Encounters Front CoverDownloads from Heaven0001

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