Splash Zone and Pakistan Skype Healing Services

DSCF9481A week ago, Diane and I traveled to Hugoton, Kansas to minister at Lighthouse Fellowship where I am honored to function as the overseer of this rural church and we intentionally went there to install and set in the new pastor.  

Then in the evening we went and ministered at Risen Glory Church in Liberal, Kansas and had an amazing time.  During the message on the Spirit of Wisdom, I felt impressed to stop and walk around the congregation sprinkling drops of water from a water body over the heads of the people in the church, and as I did this I kept stating that most people come to church hoping to get just a little bit of refreshing with a few drops of the Holy Spirit perhaps hitting them in some way.

DSCF9484I then returned to the front of the building and shared that while a few drops of the presence of the Lord is nice, it is not what God is really after.  I stated that I believed he wanted to drench us with His refreshing Spirit, and then I proceeded to dump the entire contents of the bottle on top of myself, demonstrating to the people that God wants to saturate us with his refreshing presence.  

DSCF9485At that point one of the members spontaneously brought in a case of water bottles which I began to pour on people’s heads as they lined up for a physical application of a spiritual principle, and that unleashed and uncorked if you will, a freeing time of extended joyful worship with lots of healing’s and prophetic ministry that the senior pastor Ann Holman pictured to the left in brown, later shared how glad she was that this ministry had taken place.

DSCF9502On the way home from there, Diane and I were personally invited through a phone call from the Governor of Kansas to come and pray over his staff at the Capitol in Topeka so we ended up spending several hours with various staff members, some of whom are pictured below.  And since we have been home, we have received reports of physical healing to some of these folks too.  Pictured to the left is Diane sitting in the Capitol Prayer room.  We paused to pray for Kansas and our nation in this anointed prayer room that many in the Capitol use on a consistent basis. 




Also, twice in the last two weeks I have led two healing services for a church in Pakistan, through Skype, and each service has had multiple numbers of people healed of various pain issues ranging from knees and ankles to shoulders and elbows, plus arthritis in the fingers and other pain issues.  I have many pictures that were sent to me that they took during the services,  but due to the severe threat on their lives, I have elected not to post the pictures on this blog which is open to anyone around the world. 

The only difficult thing really was the technology delays.  I would preach a sentence, wait about five seconds for it to hit in Pakistan, then the pastor would translate which would take a bit for me to see and hear, and then I would continue.  The second time I did this, I had the people laughing quite a bit which was intentional as I believe there is very little joy  and laughter in Pakistan if you are a believer in Jesus.    

Prayer Requests:

  • I am in the midst of launching a new church called Kingdom Encounters.  We out grew our first home group meeting last Sunday and will be initiating a second group in November.  Our first morning service will be Sunday Oct 19th and our first evening revival service will be Sunday Oct 26th which is open to the whole city and region.  100% of the love offerings at the revival services will be sent to other ministries in the city.  Please pray for me and all of the details in this church plant.
  • Second, I have been battling a sore throat now for about four months that is a puzzle to the doctors, with various methods and prescriptions being tried.  They believe it is related to acid-reflux, although I have no other symptoms except the chronic sore throat.  Please  pray for divine healing and wisdom to know how to treat this.  Thank you.                                                                                                 

3 thoughts on “Splash Zone and Pakistan Skype Healing Services

  1. This all sounds good. I just prayed for your throat. I’m having lots of hip problems. Supposed to get a shot Thur. I need this to work so I can avoid surgery. Blessings, Lola

  2. Yes and amen together we will win the world by faith in Christ and be blessing here too in sweden among finnish people and we expecting great revival to come into the world to save an heal and set us free and celebrate for gospel inlove of the Father in heaven thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  3. I am always encouraged by what the Lord is doing through the ministry he has given you and your family. I am bad about checking and responding to email/facebook, but I do read and pray for you all and am so expectant for God’s fullness to be released through His church confirming His word through the demonstration of His love and power being manifested. Many blessings to you all and prayers for healing in your body and for abundance in every arena of your lives. Have a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas season and increased Presence and encounter in the coming year. Love to all, Sharon.

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