Kingdom Encounter’s Miracle with Dr. Verification

DSCF9560As you may know, we planted a church recently called Kingdom Encounters and we launched with our home groups and then started Sunday services two weeks ago.  I have been teaching on expanding your capacity for the supernatural and many of the folks are already stepping into new realms of the supernatural.  

Diane is pictured above at our welcome table.  She also prays for me and the congregation before each message and then I give her a kiss.  It’s a Holy kiss. We are very non-religious.  For instance, while most churches have one membership position, we have four different opportunities for that to happen in distinct discipleship agreements which we call Splash Zones.  Also, we don’t pass the offering plates and we don’t do announcements in church.  Furthermore, we don’t give gifts to visitors, but rather engage them in personal Kingdom Encounters with God that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.  Our passion is to do what we see the Father doing as in John 5:19 plus our motto is “Where Everyone gets to play and we Welcome the Supernatural.”   Starting in January we will host monthly evening revival services where 100% of the entire offering will be given away to local ministries.  This church is not pastor driven but kingdom focused with an excellent core leadership team.  

IMG_3222Two weeks ago at one of our home groups, I approached a friend of mine named Sharon Fowler and suggested that I pray for her knee.  She was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery this week.  She agreed and i prayed perhaps 30 seconds just declaring healing and then I mentioned to her that there is a miracle when you check, so I asked to walk up and down a few steps in the house, and she did so without any pain.

DSCF9427Later that week she was scheduled to go to the doctor for some pre-op blood work, but she asked to speak to the doctor first and when he came in she explained that I had prayed for her and she felt this heat come in her knee.  (Sharon is pictured here to the left.) She went on to say that she had been trying all week to get the knee to hurt but could not.  She then bent her legs and knees way back under her chair and then got up and jumped for him several times too.  He examined her a bit more and said “congratulations, you don’t need the surgery and it is now cancelled.”  Sharon was also healed during that prayer of vertigo and shortness of breath which I did not even pray for, but God just supernaturally took care of that as well.

1920356_10203116388614679_4968268525268952629_nHere are a couple more supernatural testimonies for you to read from other members of our church plant.  The first one is from Barbara pictured to the left with red hair.  Good evening friends! Today I got to see God move via text message. I was at work and my back was hurting all morning. It was so bad when ever I sat down and that’s what I do all day. So I text Jay and asked if he would pray. Jay West was so kind to drop everything and text me a simple prayer with John 9:1-2 and the pain lessened a bit. I texted him again and he prayed a couple times more over text and it was 60% then 80% then 100% gone. The last few minutes I felt a release and my back loosened more then it has in a long time. Praise God praise God that is not a God of time or space but can move however He wills to show us how much He loves us provides for those who put their trust in Him. Thank you Jay West for your willingness to pray for me. Yeah God!

10575357_10204694138300587_5056936296661102714_oThis next one is from Seth and Dorothy who also attend our Kingdom Encounters and help with street ministry.   (Dorothy is pictured to the immediate left of the photo.)  A lady, named Ruth, had hearing loss in her left ear in both volume and quality, as she described it as like static. She wanted us to pray for her, so Dorothy, Lily, and Seth prayed. Afterward, Dorothy asked if she could test her hearing to see if she was better. She used her phone to call her home answering machine,  and while she was listening she got a big smile on her face and then said “it’s perfect”!  Hallelujah!! Praise God for his awesome power.   Dorothy has been experiencing and see many more healings for people in many and various places and rejoice how God is using her to touch others for the Kingdom.

DSCF9581Two more quick notes that may be of interest to you.  Randy Clark has agreed to write an endorsement for my next book along with Sam Hinn.  And Gov. Brownback of Kansas has invited me to come to the Capitol in Topeka next Tuesday and hang out with him and his staff, bringing encouragement and prayer on election day, so I plan to travel there and be with him on Tuesday Nov 4th.  I do appreciate your prayers for this and our ongoing Kingdom Encounters church plant in Omaha, Nebraska meeting at Grace University each Sunday morning at 10:10 a.m. and then at home groups in the area during the week.  (Pictured here is Diane praying for me prior to the message.)  

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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