Two Dreams: 1. President Obama 2. Tidal Wave

DSCF9640I have launched a series of messages at our recent church plant called Kingdom Encounters and the message series is “Unwrapping three Gifts from the Christmas Story”  – Prophecy was the first gift – Discernment including Visions and Dreams is the 2nd. Gift and Miracles is the 3rd Gift.  This Sunday I am teaching on the Discernment one and have had two dreams the first part of this week so I am sharing them with my readers below.  By the way, this is the second dream I have had about President Obama this year.  The other dream is also posted on this Blog Site. 

First Dream:  

In this dream I was riding a bicycle around the streets of Washington DC and it had a basket on the front of the bicycle with a packaged envelope in it.  As I approached the White House the gates were opened for me and I rode up and across the lawn around to the back and President Obama came out to meet me smiling and said he was expecting me and took the message that was in an envelope from me.  He had a big grin on his face and invited me to come in side, even waving his hand toward the White House.  So I followed him inside, and once there I discovered a crowd of people, some of them welcoming me by name and visiting while others seemed to have this look of disdain and disapproval for me and also for the ones who were talking to me, but I kept making my way through the crowd, and as I recall, the crowd became friendlier and friendlier, until at one point many were gathered around me and listening as I shared. 

Second Dream:

wave 3So last night I had a second dream – this one was with my wife, Diane and I sitting on a fairly crowded beach that had a curve in the peninsula looking left or apparently south so that we can see the shore line jutting out into the ocean and way off in the distance I could see tidal waves coming over the land, over the sloping green and lush hills just past the beach and dumping large amounts of water while hitting on the other side of these foothills before receding back and then the next wave would hit again, but just a bit north and as I watched this happen I realized that these were coming our direction, but very few others even saw this as most continued with what they were doing.  And the strange thing was that you could hear the waves crashing off in the distance, even above the noise of the beach and people where we were at, and yet very few people even noticed these tidal waves that were coming in a series of waves moving up the beach towards us.

river 2We picked up our belongings and started running up the beach and shouting at people to leave the area due to the impending title waves, but no one was listening, and we could see the waves getting larger and moving faster.  So we started to run up and over the cliffs through a passage way to where our car was parked, and soon dropped our belongings to run faster, and when we got to the middle of the passage way, I heard the Lord say that there was a path leading into a cave and that we should go there as we would be safe, so we quickly detoured down into this cave and it went deeper and deeper, yet there was light to see, and we heard others running at this point to their cars sort of above us, and a couple of other people had started to follow up down into this cave as well, and I asked them if they heard God say go this way and they had indeed heard His voice too, and then I woke up.

I shared the dream with my wife this morning and the only thing that came to me were the verses in the bible about hiding or being hidden in the cleft of the rock.  

DSCF8856Also – Please pray for the final process my 4th book (about healing) to be published and released in January with endorsements by Sid Roth, Randy Clark, Sam Hinn and Steve Schultz.  My other three books, Downloads from Heaven, Willing to Yield and Kingdom Encounters are all available in normal electronic means such as Amazon, Kindle, Audible, I-Tunes,  EBook  or directly from me as well.  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Two Dreams: 1. President Obama 2. Tidal Wave

  1. Interesting dreams…has someone with the spiritual gift of dream interpretation told you what they mean? On a completely different note, I noticed that this particular email has, what appears to be, “snowflakes falling” slowly & gently over the text & pictures. Is this something you added
    to see who would notice?
    Always curious…
    In Jesus love your BES(+) in TX

    • I have a friend in Dallas who interprets dreams and she is going to share with me soon – the snowflakes are available in winter from the blog and I chose to have them – glad you liked them- thanks for sharing

  2. Your face book has blessed me more than you know. When I have been down, your words have encouraged me, blessed me, and lifted me up, when I was down. Thank you!
    Your dream, says that the trials are coming, and most will notlisten. Many will die, but you and a few others received his word and acted before it was to late.
    The president will receive the gifts is simple. He will receive the gift, but will he open and use it, or store away like so many others he has received. Your welcome was a sign of many, like you before who bore gifts. But results were, did he open and use them, or did he just store them with the rest. Answer will be the change,
    In his actions, his words, and finally his testimony.
    That only The Lord knows. May these gifts be used, and opened and received, and most of
    All like your other vision, before it will be to late! Only the prayers of the body of Christ can change the out comes. Will be praying with you and for this vision.
    Thank you for sharing. Jan Kirkpatrick

    • Thank you for that gracious reply and for sharing today – I am glad my facebook posts encourage you – I try to post something positive every day and only ask for prayer when I am really needing it too – I am honored that you would share with me today – thank you so much and Merry Christmas

  3. Hi Jay! So here’s what I think those dreams might be saying…

    First, the White House and Obama. I believe this speaks to the body of Christ and to you, Jay, regarding favor, favor and much favor. Non-believers and believers alike will begin to listen to the prophets and other Christians. Where there were once closed doors, especially in the political arena, we will begin to see a hunger for the real thing and doors in the secular world, especially in the area of high level politics/government, will begin to swing wide open!

    Second dream refers to spiritual revival. It is happening at the same time that darkness is increasing. The tidal wave in your dream refers to the dangerous waters that are coming upon the earth as a result of judgment but we, the believers, will be protected and we will in fact be able to use the worldly calamities and crises to our advantage. “Darkness covers the earth and deep darkness is over the peoples but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you” (Isaiah 60:2). We will shine brighter than the noonday sun and so we need to continue to let our light shine even as darkness envelopes the earth.

    Many Christians are unaware of the special times we are in. They are going about their business as if it is business as usual. BUT it is NOT! 2015 shall be the year of amazing breakthroughs, protection and much, much grace and favor for Christians who are near to Jesus. Those who hear His voice will be hidden in the caves and we will not be affected by the calamities. In fact, it will be our most prosperous, glorious and productive years as believers yet!!!

    Amen and amen, Jay! Let’s fasten our seat belts for the ride of our lives in 2015!!!

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