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familyYes it has been way too long since my last blog post – but life has dramatically changed from traveling full time to being a church planter, and with that has come many wonderful local opportunities to bless, encourage, edify, inspire, challenge, equip, empower and release others to participate in Kingdom Expansion.  So take a look and see what is happening.

KE EasterKingdom Encounters was launched from a vision, not division.  And at this point we are just eight months old as we started with five people and now average around 35 to 50 or so per Sunday.  Each Sunday we enjoy our rented space at Grace University.  But we are negotiating to move into our own building and hope to be there by early August.  It is a nice space that will give us more opportunities to minister more effectively to children, families, while being centrally located in the greater Omaha area, right next door to thousands of residential homes.

DSCF0173Almost every Sunday we have some sort of equipping and practice session utilizing one or more spiritual gifts.  This training process creates boldness for folks when they are in the marketplace, enabling them to effectively minister to total strangers with power, love, and joy.  We actually have time on Sundays  to do this because we normally don’t pass the offering plates and we don’t share announcements either, saving those for our home groups and/or using technology such as our Kingdom Encounters Face Book page and our new website which will be up and running soon.   Please check them out.  One of our favorite quotes is that we are constantly learning how not to do church.  We resist religious structures and hype.  We desire Fresh Oil and a Fresh Move of the Holy Spirit while embracing what God is doing, not what He is not doing.

IMG_0150In the middle of our worship time, we stop and allow people to share testimonies of what God has been doing in their lives.  I generally have to draw this to a conclusion as God is working through so many of our folks, and they love to share those testimonies with others.  Every month I release one or two of our leaders to preach the Word on Sundays as a training time for future expansion.  We actually pay them a generous honorarium as well.  We are cultivating a culture of honor and a revival culture, based on Kingdom principles.  

Our DNA is a combination of Vineyard plus Bethel Church in Redding CA. with a unique blend of other strategies that the Lord has given to us, including such things having four membership opportunities, being Kingdom focused rather than pastor driven, and being intentional that we are an oasis of joy where everyone gets to play and we welcome the supernatural.  We would rather people try and perhaps even fail and try again, rather than not trying at all.  We also value seasons of rest.  

My one prayer request prior to launching this was that we would be multicultural and presently we have people from eight different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  I truly love the flavors within the body of Christ.

DSCF0159I believe that God has formed an anointed team of leaders, that we call the CORE. We’ve also been blessed to have a full time live worship band from day one. This is very rare in church plants that don’t have a larger church backing them.  Jason leads this group with freedom and flexibility that promotes lingering worship times with spontaneity that draws people into the presence of the Lord.  New and wonderfully anointed worship songs are being authored and shared, which we believe will actually accelerate this movement. This team is part of our Kingdom Expressions.

DSCF9461Our growing and expanding home groups are called SON groups – Serving our Neighbors – that are led by a wonderful husband and wife team that the Lord supernaturally brought to us with a wealth of experience in leading such groups at a larger Vineyard in another state.  Our Encouragement Pastor is a cherished friend who moves very accurately prophetically, and is often referred to as our Fire Catcher.  Our Anointed 2 GO Ministry oversees Kingdom Encounters, and we have an apostolic overseer as well.

We just completed a month of various outreaches two of which were on the streets sharing and serving in extremely raw places, at times being cursed while having smoke blown in our faces, ministering to those on drugs, transgenders, and others, yet we were promoting the Kingdom with people getting healed, saved, counseled, prayed for in what we term Kingdom Extensions.

DSCF0021And then we have hosted several monthly revival services that we label as Kingdom eXplosions where we partner with another regional ministry and then give them 100% of the love offering to bless and encourage.   These are designed to bring believers in the city together to experience Kingdom Life together.

Well, Well, Well - Final COVER FRONTMy most recent published book, Well, Well, Well with endorsements by Sid Roth, Randy Clark, Steve Schultz and Sam Hinn actually sold out at Amazon the first week.  It is a combination of medical and miraculous healing, with wonderful inspiring testimonies, some written by others, and narratives written by friends and family members too.  Each chapter is called a “Check Up,” and the book is dedicated to all of my doctors since I was born.  

Additionally, I have been contacted and contracted by Destiny Image to publish my next book with them.  They previously published for Myles Munroe, and also publish for Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner and TD Jakes as well as many others you would know.  This is a great honor.  All four of my current books are available directly from me at a discounted price, or you can secure copies on Amazon, Kindle, E-Book and Audible.  Jason’s worship CD is also available on iTunes and Spotify.

11034269_10205693959141942_1549883159410011269_nThank you for reading this and for staying in touch with us.  Even with a 50% reduction in pay from last year at this time,, God has been faithful to meet so many of our needs, often through thoughtful friends just like you.  We are indeed grateful to the Lord and to all of you who have chosen to contribute financially along with praying for us consistently.  I sincerely appreciate your comforting care.

Please continue to pray for me and our team as we lead Kingdom Encounters to reach more people for Jesus, and to truly make a difference in our city and region.  I consistently share with our people that we are pioneers, and that we desire to be people of influence with the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit plus the Glory and Favor of the Father.  We are franchising the Kingdom here on Earth.


8 thoughts on “Kingdom Encounters Expansion

  1. Good to hear from you. What wonderful developments in your life and ministry! Neil is recovering from a long sick event since February. He would love to hear from you. His cell is 614 906 4885

  2. Jay, I am so stoked to hear all that God is doing in this new church. I love how God is moving in such amazing ways, in and through you all, bringing forth a new fragrance, new wine from heaven! And it sure is a wonderful, delightful aroma!

  3. Praise the Lord for this new direction he is taking your lives! Yes I would like to get a copy of your new book “WELL WELL WELL”

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