President Obama Dream and Elijah List Prophetic Word

I submitted a prophetic word to the Elijah List on Tuesday March 15, 2016 and you can find it using the link further below.  The Elijah List has also offered to carry my books on their website and they have invited me to come and minister to their team and staff later this summer.  I am extremely blessed and honored by these opportunities.

Well, Well, Well - Final COVER FRONTSteve Shultz endorsed my most recent book called Well, Well, Well along with Sid Roth, Randy Clark and Sam Hinn, and I serve on the Elijah List Prayer Team for Steve and his wife.

Under my picture below is a separate dream I recently had on March 17, 2016 about President Obama.  This is actually my second dream about the president. You can find the earlier dream here on my blog as well.  The dream does not relate to the prophetic word on Elijah List as they are completely separate.

“A New Season for Many Believers – Releasing the Holy Spirit and His Power!”
by Jay West, Omaha, Nebraska

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI’m excited to send out this Prophetic Word from my good friend, Jay West. I’ve been getting to know him over the last few years! He is both pastor and prophet, healing evangelist and encourager of people. 

On more than one occasion, I’ve found his ability to know the Times and Seasons accurately – to be quite “spot on.”

Take your time…don’t skim but really READ what Jay West is telling you that is “upon us now!”

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


“A New Season for Many Believers – Releasing the Holy Spirit and His Power!”
by Jay West, Omaha, Nebraska – found at Jay is pictured here with his wife Diane 

Dream of President Obama:

First some basic information.  I am the Nebraska Representative for the United States Nation Prayer Council.  Within that role, I set up appointments with community leaders to meet, support and pray with them.  A couple of weeks ago I met personally here in Omaha with Congressman Brad Ashford.  Brad is a  friend of the president and was on Air Force One with him when he recently came to Omaha.  I met with Brad for 45 minutes concluding with prayer.  Congressman Ashford has two of my books and I posted about our meeting on Facebook and he then “liked” it and made a complimentary comment, and then re-posted it on his page too for his friends to see.  

Here is that picture.   20160218_101455_HDR

Last night I had a dream about President Obama and we were both dressed up in suits, and I was somewhere in the white house sharing with him in a room alone.  We were talking about the current political scene and about my meeting with Congressman Brad Ashford and I had my bible and note book with me plus my four published books, and a club of some sorts. At one point I was sharing about the club and he told me to be careful when I handled such an object as the secret service was all around and would appear in a moment if I picked it up.  Well, I thought I had already picked it up to bring it in the room, and so at this point I was behind him and I picked it up to show him some of the fine details on the surface of the club and immediately a secret service agent had my arms behind my back and I was held in a restraint.   

The President then responded stating, “see, I told you how fast they can appear,” and then immediately the secret service guy let me go and I showed the club to the president.  I then offered to pray for him, but his response was, it wouldn’t do any good.  I tried to share some examples and testimonies and he listened politely, but it did not move him to pray with me.  He seemed discouraged, disappointed, reflective and sad.  We began to walk down a corridor where there were many statues and paintings of historical American figures and as we got close to some double doors and an elevator I suggested that we take a picture together, noting that in my previous visits we had not taken any photographs and he agreed.  

20151025_175110_HDRIn our church in Omaha I have a Catholic friend, pictured in red to the left who attends our Sunday service after going to Mass every week, and he was walking by so I asked him to take the picture, and at that moment the President took off his shoes, and we both knelt down next to the buttons for the elevator and my friend Vito took several pictures of us using my phone.  The president gave me a hug that was genuine, and thanked me for coming and visiting him again, and I noticed he was carrying a program for a unity worship service that he was about to attend.  He also thanked Vito for taking the picture.  Vito was in a red shirt and black pants, similar to what he wears when he is at our church here in Omaha.  

This morning as I was sharing this dream with my wife just after we watched Joyce Meyer which we do most mornings, there was a man in one of her commercials about her products wearing a bright red sweat shirt with the word WEST on the front in bold white letters, and then immediately there was a man carrying a club walking down the road – and we both noticed this and it startled me a bit, so I re-watched her show twice on TBN today and it was definitely as we saw it.  I believe this is a confirmation of some sort as my name is West and the man had a club that was similar to the one in the dream.  

In my role on the US Prayer Council I get to meet with many politicians in the local, state and national level and it is a joy to be appointed and anointed for this task.    I will share an interpretation of the dream later after they are gathered.




3 thoughts on “President Obama Dream and Elijah List Prophetic Word

  1. Wow…as I read Jays dream of President Obama…it was a very Anointed and a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was upon this vision from the Lord….there appears to be Counsel that will go forth from you Jay with the President and it appears yes he has been sharing the gospel in some way but to no avail. I have other thoughts Jay on this and will message them to you, and then share what I’m sensing about the work you will have concerning the White House Direction and guidance to the Presidents and others for such a time as this! Keep Dreaming…Jay what a blessing you are to the Body of Christ, and I’m very Excited about all the Lord is doing through you in this hour!

    • Thank you for reading my blog and for commenting. I am always honored when someone just reads my blog or my books as I know everyone has such a busy schedule – it is comforting to hear your comments and challenging too and I will be eager to hear the rest of them from you as well.

  2. Dear Pastor Jay West and Diane,
    Thank you so much for doing God’s work, I appreciate and honor it.I’m so much blessed and touched, with your words of full of wisdom and encouragement, your words are full of Anointing,I have come across of words you quoted from the book of the servant of God John Maxwell ” you don’t have to be great to start but you have you to start to be great ” surely you have blessed my heart, kindly request you to help me with your books, one of them is, “WELL WELL WELL” I kindly request you to work with you in your Ministry Pastor. I Pastor Richard Bwire from Busia Kenya, blessings.

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