demonic Deliverance dream

Before I share the dream, let me give some background information below to help you understand my theological perspective.  I have seen angels on several occasions, and demons once.  I have no interest in ever seeing demons again, but they were real in this dream and manifesting differently than my previous observations of them.  On the other hand, angels are amazing, wonderful, delightful and beautiful and I would welcome their appearance at any time.  

First let me state that I am not a demon chaser.  I know some are and that may or may not be their calling, but it certainly has never been mine.  I do acknowledge that we are in a spiritual battle as Ephesians 6 clearly states, and that we are not to be warring with those in the physical but rather we are engaged in a spiritual battle.  I also agree that Jesus obviously dealt with demons on a consistent way and in a strategic fashion with statements that some things only come out through prayer and fasting.  The book of Acts, Revelations and some of the Epistles deal with demons and attacks of the enemy as being something we should anticipate, yet not necessarily propagate.  There is a difference.

There are twenty-four apostolic prayers in the New Testament and none of them deal with the devil and his antics, yet all of them exalt Jesus in the process and clearly demonstrate that the power belongs to the Lord in dealing with spiritual battles.  So this has been my position for many years.  I would much rather give attention to Jesus and his saving power and deliverance abilities than talk about what the enemy has done, or may be trying to do.

Some people spend way too much time talking and sharing about what the enemy has done for the past twenty plus years while rarely giving any credit or credence to what the Lord has been doing in that same time frame.  There is little to no faith exhibited there but obviously plenty of fear.  Our Kingdom walk should be faith based, not fear intoxicated.  We are to be sober recognizing the attacks of the enemy, but not running around in such doubt and agony giving him more power by encouraging him to steal that power from us in our confession.   The words of our mouth should always exalt Jesus.

Our position is one of authority.  Ephesians says we are seated with Christ in heavenly places.  Romans states that we will soon crush satan under our feet.  The only real blows that the enemy can thrust at us should be categorized as a low blow, as he tries to reach up from the second heaven to where we are in the third heaven.  Paul speaks of three heavens and that spiritual warfare happens in the second heaven.  Only when we lower our position with Jesus through fear, doubt and unbelief do we descend further down where the enemy then has access to our heads, our heart and our spiritual applications.  But when we remain seated with the Lord in Heavenly places, we are then above the antics of the enemy and his attacks often go unnoticed simply because the arrows that he shoots do not even reach us in our position of authority.  They are shot at us, but either fall short or are intercepted by God’s angels, and dismantled in the process.

In Luke 9:1-2 we are told that Jesus has given us power and authority. Power if the ability, might and strength to complete a task, but authority is the right to use that power.  When we walk and live in righteousness, we then have the right to use that power because of the righteousness extended to us from the Lord through salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.   God enables us with power and authority and I believe often questions why we don’t use it more to our advantage.  The problem often is fear related and yet God has given us the answer to that stating that perfect love casts out all fear.  So it is with this brief description that I launch into the dream sequence.

The dream opened similar to a chase scene in a movie thriller where multiple people are involved together working with a home base office to accomplish a task of destroying a terrorist group.  I was a part of this team, but later rising to be the leader.  There was quite a bit of high tech surveillance options to us as well as well equipped vehicles with spiritual weaponry in our arsenal.  

At one point the team checked into a hotel and one of the team members screamed, not in fright but in shock that the demonic character had manifested in the suite.  As I rushed in with several others, we were immediately confronted with this larger than life beastly looking creature that was trying to encroach into the room, but seemed to be restrained by angels that were holding it back with a force that I can only describe as being white in nature, with many bands surrounding this creature.  I did not sense any fear, but only amazement at how the Lord was protecting all of us through His restraining power.  

At this point the demonic presence yelled stating that we would meet again at a less than opportune time.  The next day my wife was now in the dream with me and we were walking in a meadow when the demon materialized but this time in the form of a giant man, probably close to 20 feet tall.  He was a young man with a nice appearance, but a nasty disposition, and he was obviously in a spirit form in that we could see him but also see through him.  As we approached, he asked, “by what power and by what protocol do you dare approach me.”  Our simultaneous response was that we were representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and we had the authority to approach him.  Both my wife and I stated this at the same time.

The demon then tried to trip us by rolling up the lawn much like a carpet and tried to shake the rolled up lawn so that we lost our footing. but we anticipated the move from our position above and were easily able to just step over this maneuver.  I then chased the demon up a slightly elevated knoll and he was trying to comb his hair and as I got near to him I reached into him and took the comb out of his and threw it behind me. He was startled and questioned my ability to reach into the spiritual realm and take that comb from him.  I simply responded that Jesus gave me the power to do this.

He ran down the hill and I chased him some more and his appearance began to morph into someone a bit older and I once again reached into the spirit realm and held my hand on his arm and said, let the love of God touch you and you shall be free.  He shook and his eyes glazed over but then they became clear and I said it again, let the love of God touch you and you shall be free. Then he literally grabbed my arm, with a firm grasp that I could feel.  It was not in a threatening way, but rather in a reciprocal action of needing and wanting to be free.  As we stood there holding each other’s arms, the spirit became a man and he was totally set free from being in the demonic realm.  

And God spoke to me and to the man and said, “Deliverance is always more effective when perfect love is extended which when  grasped and embraced will cast out all fear.”

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