Prophetic Word – Kingdom Life Squared!

Several years ago a lady that I knew sowed $20 into my ministry and I felt impressed to pray that her return would be squared back to her.  If I had prayed that it would be doubled, she would have received $40, but literally in 3 days she received a surprise $400 gift which was the squared amount of $20 or 20 times 20.  I am sharing this brief testimony as it will add value to the prophetic word below.  

For those who are desperate, Kingdom Life Support is about to be attached to you. In the natural when you are on life support, you can’t move, but in the Kingdom it enables you to move more freely, faster, quicker, with ease, without hindrances and without barriers. When attached to Kingdom Life Support, blessings flow faster, favor is released in rapid succession, and the glory rises so quickly on you that others see Light, anointing and the miraculous flowing from you much like those who ride on white water rapids except this Godly Life Support propels you with momentum into speeds that are equal to the speed of light.

Kingdom Life Support enables all vital parts of the Kingdom to work in harmony at an accelerated pace that promotes healing, prophetic words, words of knowledge and wisdom to solve problems at a moment’s notice. Rather than just a few individual healings, people get healed together in large groups simultaneously, while others have their prayer language expanded to warfare and worship tongues that sound an alarm that bring angelic visitations and assistance knocking down enemy walls, and creating paths of righteousness so obvious and so plain that people run to get saved, prior to a message, and often while watching and observing the miraculous.

When Kingdom Life Support hits,, then the spiritual climate and atmosphere opens up Heavenly avenues so wide that Jesus is clearly seen, received, and activated in the lives of those in the immediate vicinity. This is a suddenly but is sustained through hunger, and a continual feast of God and His declarations of faith beyond normal proportions that you have experienced before. In the natural it is similar to a math equation when a number is squared.

A squared result and response is substantially better than mere doubling, and brings unseen realms, aid, assistance, power, joy, and Kingdom credentials to keep releasing this realm to all who will desperately reach out and cling to this gigantic release of Kingdom Life Support. However, each part of the Trinity adds an additional square to the process. So it is actually squared several times, after the initial life support is connected to you. This is then squared upon you by the Father, including another square from Jesus and one more from the Holy Spirit, and then Ephesians 3:20 creates the environment for all to do the same as Jesus and yes, exceedingly and abundantly with even more. The best way to humanly describe this is as if there were multiple power surges in Heavenly splendor, all designed to release more Kingdom Life on the earth.  And these power surges bring a stronger anointing, more power with no collateral damage, only improved Kingdom Life on earth.  

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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