Miraculous Healing at Local Restaurant in 30 seconds, and Deliverance of Loud Demonic Manifestation..

We went out to eat  at a restaurant that is only 12 blocks from our house that we have never been to in the 17 years we have lived here, and I initially engaged our waitress in some light humor, that she enjoyed, and later noticed our waitress was limping so I asked what was wrong? Continue reading

“Revival Testimony Holding a Baby – plus Healing Testimonies”

This testimony is written by a young lady here at Kingdom Encounters in Omaha, who has been attending now with her husband for about six months or so, and growing in her faith and relationship with God, by leaps and bounds.  Continue reading

Kingdom Encounters – A Revival Culture and Event with Miracles happening consistently.

We are blessed in that Kingdom Encounters in Omaha is truly developing a revival culture while simultaneously and spontaneously recently hosting a series of evening meetings that were not planned by us, but definitely by the Holy Spirit.  We hosted four evenings of revival and they were glorious.   Continue reading

Kingdom Life Support – An Exhortation.

“Kingdom Life Squared – Learning to Live on God’s Kingdom Life Support”
by Jay West, Omaha, Nebraska


From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

This word by my friend Jay West titled “Kingdom Life Squared” is very thought-provoking! Not only will it leave you thinking in a greater way…you’ll get a little math lesson as well.

Jay shares what happens when we are attached to God’s Kingdom life support:

For those who are desperate, Kingdom life support is about to be attached to you. In the natural when you are on life support, you can’t move; but in the Kingdom it enables you to move more freely, faster, quicker, with ease – without hindrances and without barriers. When attached to Kingdom life support, blessings flow faster, favor is released in rapid succession, and the glory rises so quickly on you that others see light, anointing and the miraculous flowing from you. It occurs much like those who ride on white water rapids, except this Godly life support propels you with momentum into speeds that are equal to the speed of light.

Now that makes me want to be attached to God’s Kingdom life support! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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“Kingdom Life Squared – Learning to Live on God’s Kingdom Life Support”
by Jay West, Omaha, Nebraska


Several years ago, a lady that I knew sowed $20 into my ministry and I felt impressed to pray that her return would be squared back to her. If I had prayed that it would be doubled, she would have received $40, but literally in 3 days she received a surprise $400 gift which was the squared amount of $20 or 20 x 20. I am sharing this brief testimony as it will add value to the prophetic word below.

Kingdom Life Support

For those who are desperate, Kingdom life support is about to be attached to you. In the natural when you are on life support, you can’t move; but in the Kingdom it enables you to move more freely, faster, quicker, with ease – without hindrances and without barriers. When attached to Kingdom life support, blessings flow faster, favor is released in rapid succession, and the glory rises so quickly on you that others see light, anointing and the miraculous flowing from you. It occurs much like those who ride on white water rapids, except this Godly life support propels you with momentum into speeds that are equal to the speed of light.

Kingdom life support enables all vital parts of the Kingdom to work in harmony at an accelerated pace that promotes healing, prophetic words, words of knowledge and wisdom to solve problems at a moment’s notice. Rather than just a few individual healings, people get healed together in large groups simultaneously. Others have their prayer language expanded to warfare and worship tongues, which sounds an alarm and brings angelic visitations and assistance, knocking down enemy walls, and creating paths of righteousness so obvious and so plain that people run to get saved. This will even happen prior to a message, and often while watching and observing the miraculous.

Clearly Seeing and Receiving Jesus

When Kingdom life support hits, then the spiritual climate and atmosphere opens up heavenly avenues so wide that Jesus is clearly seen, received, and activated in the lives of those in the immediate vicinity. This is a “suddenly” but is sustained through hunger, and a continual feast of God and His declarations of faith beyond normal proportions that you have experienced before. In the natural it is similar to a math equation when a number is squared.

A squared result and response is substantially better than mere doubling, and brings unseen realms, aid, assistance, power, joy, and Kingdom credentials to keep releasing this realm to all who will desperately reach out and cling to this gigantic release of Kingdom life support.

However, each part of the Trinity adds an additional square to the process. So it is actually squared several times, after the initial life support is connected to you. This is then squared upon you by the Father, including another square from Jesus and one more from the Holy Spirit, and then Ephesians 3:20 creates the environment for all to do the same as Jesus and yes, exceedingly and abundantly with even more.

The best way to humanly describe this is as if there were multiple power surges in heavenly splendor all designed to release more Kingdom life on the earth. These power surges bring a stronger anointing, more power with no collateral damage, and only improve Kingdom life on earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jay W. West
Anointed 2 GO MdM and Kingdom Encounters 
Email: anointed2go@cox.net
Websites: www.kingdomencounters.net | www.anointed2go.com

Pastor Jay West has ministered in over 1700 churches in 64 different denominations along with many schools and marketplace locations. He frequently spends time with business, medical, educational and political leaders including Governors, Congressman, and Senators. Jay moves in healing seeing over 7000 people healed in a very low key and un-hyped way, plus he gets many accurate words of knowledge. Jay is the pastor of a new church plant in Omaha Nebraska called, Kingdom Encounters – A new way not to do Church (www.kingdomencounters.net). Jay and his wife Diane have been married for 37 years and they both serve as the Nebraska Representatives to the United States National Prayer Council appointed by Pastor Ted Rose. Jay is an author, having published four books, including Downloads from HeavenWilling to YieldKingdom Encounters & Well, Well, Well.


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Another Presidential Dream – with 3 Previous Presidents

Over the last 15 years I have had multiple Presidential Dreams including several with George W. Bush, one each with George H. Bush, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Abe Lincoln, plus two with Barack Obama and now this new one with President’s Obama, Clinton, and Bush. Continue reading

Knee Replacement Cancelled Thanks to God’s Miracle Power

I am currently writing my 5th book and I thought I would share one of the testimonies from chapter one.  This book is titled “Fresh Oil,” as it is a great reflection of what God is doing in our church called Kingdom Encounters.  We planted this church about 2.5 years ago, and I shared a message early on about the anointing of God from Psalm 92:10 where it says we shall be anointed with fresh oil.  So in our culture here, you will rarely hear an Amen of agreement, but instead you will often hear the phrase Fresh Oil when someone likes what is happening at Kingdom Encounters.  You can discover more about us at http://www.kingdomencounters.net 

Okay – here is the testimony from Chapter One: 

On October 19, 2014 which was the first official day of our new church plant called Kingdom Encounters, God did something miraculous that truly demonstrated who He is, and how He will be with us, while showing where we would be going as a church.  We have a lady in our church named Sharon.  She happens to be the oldest member of church at the age of 76.  She was 73 when this miracle happened.  She is pictured above.

 Sharon was walking with a walker and a cane depending on the severity of her pain and discomfort as was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery just eleven days later.  I asked her if I could pray for her, and after a 20 second prayer she stated she felt warmth in her knee.  I suggested that she try walking up some small steps, which she was able to do with ease.  All week long she tried to get her knee to hurt, even bending it backwards in weird positions and at times jumping up and down, yet she had no pain.  About six days later she went into see her doctor for a pre-operation exam and she shared with him that I had prayed with her and that she had no pain all week.  After further examination he cancelled the surgery declaring that she was well. 

 The interesting thing about this is that she was also experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness too and both of these symptoms were also healed, even though we never even prayed for them.  All I did was ask for God’s presence to come, spoke and shared some healing declarations and Sharon got well, and now nearly three years later she still has not had the surgery.  I have seen her walk up and down flights of stairs with no problems.   She even cleans our church building as a volunteer.      

This is what having a Fresh Anointing is all about.  This is the importance of walking in and with Fresh Oil as we are Anointed 2 GO and do Kingdom stuff that God may call on us to accomplish.  

If you want to get to heaven, all you have to do is believe in Jesus, but if you want to be a disciple of Jesus, you must follow Him, and that folks takes risk, but God is faithful and loves to flow through people taking risky steps of faith.  Let me say it one more way.  If you want to move from Earth to Heaven someday, just simply believe in Jesus, but if you want to move Heaven to Earth today, you must be a follower of Jesus.   Fresh Oil!  





Is Jesus really the King of Kings?

Is Jesus really the King of Kings?  I don’t think He is, at least not yet.  And I am sure that makes some of your theological hairs bristle, Continue reading

Original Inspirational Challenging Vignettes Imparting Kingdom Life!



Philippians 3:13-15

“Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 15 Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind;” Continue reading

Feeding First Responders – Honor – Celebration – Blessing!

20151025_192337_HDRJust over a month ago we celebrated our one year anniversary for Kingdom Encounters.  It was a glorious time as people and friends from around the city came to worship, pray, listen to our mentor, overseer and friend Pastor Jim Hart from Eagle’s Nest Worship Center in Omaha, and ultimately have a Kingdom Encounter.  I am so grateful for all that the Lord has provided for us in our new church plant, and how He has challenged us to reach our community, our neighboring businesses, and political realms, plus higher education communities with a culture of honor and revival.  We are thrilled with what the Lord is doing in our midst.  God has blessed us in so many ways and we are working hard to disciple others and help all who visit to have a Kingdom Encounter that lasts a life time.  We are located at 8594 Frederick St in Omaha and begin each Sunday morning at 10:10 a.m.  This is a new way not to do church, where everyone gets to play and we welcome the supernatural.  We are an Oasis of Joy!

FS 30Three months ago we launched a new ministry with the permission of the Omaha Fire Department as we adopted a local fire station to feed them a great lunch on the first Sunday of each month.  The Battalion Chief asked us to offer this service for two months and then the city would evaluate and respond, and they gave us an overwhelming thumbs up to continue this process. In fact they have asked us to adopt a second station starting in January.

FS Cookie Prep 1We decided to do something nice for all 24 stations in our city, so our small congregation of 50 people took fresh baked cookies to all 24 stations the week prior to Thanksgiving and visited, prayed with the crews, took pictures and enjoyed fellowship with them as we thanked them and extended honor to them for serving our city, especially over a holiday when everyone wants to be home with family.

20151011_123616_HDROur new building is beautiful in every way, but does not have a kitchen at all.  We do have a refrigerator and two microwaves, and some tables, but lack many things that a normal kitchen would have.  We have secured permission from our landlord to add a kitchen and I have been to the permits section for the city to see what we can build with their specifications, but we need finances amounting to around $5000 to build this kitchen including a sink, warming ovens, preparation space, and storage space, plus more refrigeration.    Putting in a sink alone requires digging through the concrete from the restrooms and providing water and drainage.  

Why do we need a kitchen?  So that we can cook and keep food warm as we continue to expand this outreach to our first responders.  My personal goal would be to see every fire station in town receive a hot meal the first Sunday of every month and eventually with other churches networking with us, we could easily feed all 24 stations every Sunday of the year.  And this is not the only outreach we do as we have many other outreaches happening to families, businesses, rest-homes and neighborhoods.  

20151025_182904_HDRI am asking you to consider helping us financially with this task.  Would you be willing to make a one time tax deductible donation to help us build a kitchen that we can use to prepare food for our fire fighters.  We also plan to feed our snow plow drivers and expand to other city services ultimately making a difference in other people too.  

20151124_104124_HDRPrior to Thanksgiving I was blessed to meet our Lt. Governor of the state of Nebraska and then also deliver some cookies and other gifts to the Mayor of Omaha and our County Treasurer (Pictured to the left with his bag of fresh baked cookies).  A few weeks prior I also met and spent quality time with General Don Bacon who was the base commander for Offutt Air Force Base and is now running for Congress.  This base is strategic to our country and was the place that President Bush landed on 9/11. These doors and others open because of your prayers and the favor of God in our lives.



FS 33

If you are willing to give this tax deductible gift, please contact me on Facebook or send me a personal email to my address anointed2go@cox.net and I will share how you can provide assistance.    Thank you so much for your consideration in helping us cultivating honor in our city and providing opportunities for us to minister to so many who put their lives on the line for all of us.  Your financial assistance will help us continue the process of honor and thanksgiving all through the year.  

FS 60 aI assure you that your donations will only go towards the process of building a kitchen and feeding our first responders.  For every gift of $50 or more I am willing to give you one of my books below as a thank you for your generous donation.   Thank you!

Jay's four books