Prayer for the Week

Father in the name of Jesus, I ask you to bless and encourage my Email friends today.  I pray that each one will develop new levels of relationships with you that enable trust to be established, love to abound, hope to flourish, and any healing and provision that is needed to manifest.  I ask that extra angels be sent to those who need immediate help and that your Word, that my friends are standing and agreeing on will not return void, but will accomplish that to which you have sent it.
I ask that each need be dealt with today in a way that everyone who reads this prayer out loud will see some change, and transformation in their circumstances, the demonstrates and shows that something good is happening and that you are moving and working in their lives so that faith begins to rise to the surface in a way that promotes life and godliness, that will sustain courage for the battle and help each person identify and establish You as the source of their life and the completeness that they may need that is available to them bringing the answers from heaven to earth.
Lord I ask that you increase people’s finances, and influence for Kingdom purposes, and that healing becomes natural for them, rather than the exception.  I pray for peace to abound in all relationships, especially those with family and business partners, and church members that is currently strained.  I pray that a spirit of understanding will prevail for each person reading this prayer and that forgiveness will easily flow.  May the comforter who is the Holy Spirit come and be a part of each person demonstrating your goodness, your care and your companionship in a strong and personal way.
I pray against loneliness and fear and ask that perfect love which casts out all fear, blend together with their faith to make a difference.  I pray that the Kingdom of God will be expanded in each person’s life today and that today will be a day that they access the power of God to actually make a difference in someone else’s life, and that people come to know Jesus through the actions of many who may read this or forward it to their friends.  I ask that each person be faithful to the gifts that they have been given, and that wisdom and discernment are downloaded in ways that only they would understand as being a direct impartation from our Heavenly Father.  I pray for each person reading this now that they will stop and thank you for the many blessings that they already have received and enjoy, and that a spirit of thankfulness will permeate their lives in a consistent, profound and encouraging way. 
And finally I pray for a fresh anointing in every area of ministry, and that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will enable them to do things that they previously thought were impossible, recognizing that you are the God of impossibilities, and the God who indeed loves us with an unending love.  May this day be filled with joy, power, strength, might and may each person only do what they see the Father doing, and then move out in confidence and with courage and bless others in the process too.
In the powerful name of Jesus Christ
Amen and Amen!




Ministry of Cheerfulness: March 8

What a wonderful day.  Begin to plan right now  how you might encourage and cheer up one person today to help them have a wonderful day too.  Look for ways to bless, honor, be kind, demonstrate love, show compassion, give, help, assist, promote, share, smile, and just change the atmosphere for someone or some group and in doing so, you will be blessed back in amazing ways.  You’ll see. 
  • “Therefore, let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.”  Romans 14:19..
Look for ways to extend peace to others who are in the midst of stressful and difficult situations, whether it be financial, relational, physical or some other problem.  Continue reading

Words of Knowledge – Praise God for His Faithfulness

. Glory Christian Center, Omaha – The Worship Leader and his wife approached me for prayer stating that they had been trying to have children for five years – I prayed over them in January and told them that they would have a child before Christmas – I was invited back to this church the next year in March and they introduced me to their daughter “Joy” who was born on Dec 23.

Continue reading

Wow! – Let me say it backwards – Wow!

WOW – Its going to be a great week, in fact let me say it backwards – WOW

 Ministry is so much fun.  I get to see people come to Jesus, get discipled, mature in their faith, catch a vision, begin to minister and report back to me how God used me to help them in their walk with Jesus.  I’m having a great time. Continue reading

Gang Members Saved at Local Church Car Wash

Yesterday our church had their annual free car wash.  We washed 124 cars in three hours and gave away hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks to nearly 500 people and had some sweet things happening in the prayer tent.  Here are some highlights.
  • We had two gang members come through to get their cars washed, but ended up laying down their colors and surrendering their lives to Jesus.  We had a pastor who was around 70 years old just sit for nearly three hours and watched as Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, Older and Younger worked joyfully together – he kept commenting that he had never seen anything like this in his history as a pastor.  He said he was learning what the Kingdom of God was all about. Continue reading

Spontaneous $1000.00 Offering

Is God Good or What!
As some of you know, Jason and I arrived home last week from a wonderful ministry trip in and through Texas where we were blessed to minister six times in four different venues.  After being home for just 2.5 days, we left again for Wisconsin to minister in La Crosse.  This was our first trip to Connect Church.   We drove a total of 900 miles to and from the church, stopping to see friends in Des Moines and Hampton, Iowa.  We had an amazing time with Jesus as the Lord just took over from the very beginning.
I got up to preach the first night and God changed the message from my first words, and I ended up preaching without notes on a new subject called Press In.  Each session was followed by incredible power ministry with healings, lots of carpet time, accurate words of knowledge and other manifestations and gift expressions.  Continue reading