Multiple Healings in 45 to 60 Seconds – Dance and Joy!!!

DSCF7088Let me share an interesting story. A few weeks ago, I was invited to be the guest presenter at the Nebraska State Aglow Conference to be held in Kearney, Nebraska. The selection team consists of seven or eight ladies who are on that particular leadership team. Each year they acquire or receive some names of possible speakers, and Continue reading

Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy – This 2012 testimony can release words of knowledge for you to experience similar blessings

Way to go Jesus! 

 Vineyard Cross

Thank you everyone for your prayers, financial support, encouragement and friendship blessings.


One of the definitions of the word “testimony”  means, “do it again.”   Revelation 19:10 says that the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  I have learned and taught that every testimony that is shared, can also release a prophetic word in that same category or in the same realm as the testimony itself.  In other words, a testimony becomes a word of knowledge with prophecy for those that hear the testimony so that the same thing can then happen to those who listen to the testimony releasing the power of God to do it again.  Continue reading

~~~Wonderful Healings ~~ New Book ~~ New Worship CD ~~~

A strange and wonderful thing happened yesterday – I announced that the formatting of my book was complete and that it will go to printing next week – then a friend pre-purchased one book and I put that note here on facebook and then 15 more copies were …pre-sold – that is really incredible – its a nice anniversary gift too in that Diane and I are celebrating our 33rd today – The book is 14 chapters and a collection of biblical teaching and many stories (some very humorous) about accurate words of knowledge and hearing from God.  The Cover design is really nice and the title so many people really like – “Downloads from Heaven”  Everything is copyrighted, approved, barcoded with ISBN numbers etc – all the necessary stuff that needs to happen for a book to be published