2009 Angelic Vision regarding the people of Korea

This was a vision that I had back in 2009 – I don’t get that many visions so I know when it seems to be real and authentic – at the time I did not know any Koreans, but I now know some since ministering to a group of Korean students and adults in Los Angeles back in March of this year.  I was reading some former notes on various subjects and discovered this so I decided to post it here on the blog to see if anyone else might have some ideas or insights of what it might pertain too – thanks so much

I basically had a vision, although initially I did not recognize it as such – sort of like Paul who said when he was in the third heaven -did not recognize it as a vision or reality – but I saw what appeared to be Koreans in worship in three different venues – with the Korean flag overshadowing the picture –

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