Silent Night, Holy Night, in Summer, plus Heart Warming “God” Stories

This past Saturday I received an email note from the parents of a 61/2 year old boy.  I did not recall meeting the parents, but they shared with me that after several miscarriages, and a variety of unsuccessful fertility treatments, they had given up hope of ever having children.  But now they were writing asking me to pray for their son who battles allergies, and of course I am delighted to pray for the child.  What I did not know and later learned in the same email was that this couple attended a healing service I led over seven years ago, where I simply prayed over them and shared that they would have a child within one year, and just prior to that one year period, they had their son, who is now 61/2.  Isn’t that a great story?  Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know God still moves and talks and heals and gives life, and joy in the midst of sorrow, pain and suffering?   We serve an incredible God.

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