Nothing is Impossible

Here is a section out of my next book that I am currently writing, that I thought might be of interest to you.

h11In Luke 1:37 we are told that with God nothing is impossible.  Now we understand “nothing” to mean not anything or no thing.”  We could also say that it is a thing that does not exist.  But God does exist, so having something that does not exist is impossible.  Remember creation; it did not exist, but with God that was impossible and so it came into existence.  With God, having nothing, seeing nothing, Continue reading

A little “Something” about “Nothing being Impossible” with God

With God “nothing” is impossible – so that means that with God something is always possible – because nothing is nothing – and nothing is definitely not something and there isn’t anything there if nothing is there – so if there isn’t anything there, then nothing is there, and that in itself is impossible for God because nothing is impossible with God – you just can’t have nothing with God – He always has something or created something or made something, and originally even that which was made was made out of nothing which as I said before is impossible – (by Jay West)