Deaf Ears opened, people walking without their canes, Arthritis healed, TMJ healed,

I had a 9th grader come up to me yesterday to tell me how much my ministry meant to him last year – I met a barista at starbucks who told me that she remembered my topic at her school 8 years ago -and quoted the topic back to me and told me how much it ministered to her – met a guy at a fast food restaurant recently who approached me and said he remembered my presentation about six years ago at his youth group and wanted to thank me for it – so the ministry and messages seem to have lasting effect for which I am grateful – those things are so amazing – Wow!

I just recently ministerd at a local church where we saw and experienced so many healings and amazing things that God was doing in the house.  I basically preached a new message about how when you hear a testimony, it can release a prophetic work in you to receive a similar move of God in your life and produce another testimony in like fashion – giving several examples plus scripture verses to back it up.  After sharing this message that included many testimonies I asked those in pain to stand up,  Continue reading

Prayer for the Weekend and the Month

Dear God,
Thank You for everyone who might read this prayer note right now – I ask that You fill their weekend and the month of June with joy, love and laughter. I pray for those that are sick and hurting that Your healing power would invade their bodies, minds and spirits in a gentle way that touches that pain and hurt or sickness and begins to bring immediate relief.   I pray for healing right now.  Please manifest healing where it is needed.  Let pain and suffering and worry disappear as we step into God’s presence.