Honk Honk – Honk if….church is more important than God

Honk Honk! Positioning for Revival – Honk Honk!!

Recently, the Lord brought a small course correction to me in that He said I should not seek revival, but rather seek the Kingdom – He went on to say that I can pray for revival, but if I seek the Kingdom – I am in essence seeking for God because God and the Kingdom are the same – and when the Kingdom is fully manifested, we experience revival –


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The devils’ Rabbit Trail

Many have asked if they can forward or share these articles on revival and the answer is YES – please – lets get the message out.  Forward these notes to anyone you think would be interested, or has a hunger for more of God.

In the midst of a wonderful week of three really awesome ministry experiences, I received an email from someone who is in a leadership position at another local church informing me that my past three revival letters dealing with repentance were the devil’s rabbit trails, implying that these articles were demonically influenced.  I had to stop and think – why would the devil want anyone to repent, get right with God and experience personal or corporate revival.  What would be the devil’s game plan in seeing the saved and the unsaved drawing closer to God.  What would be the devil’s plan of deception within the call of repentance.  I concluded that either the message on repentance is too deep for some folks or too threatening to the “idolistic” lifestyles of folks who really do like their stuff, activities, and events that contribute to sin, more than spending time with God.  Perhaps there are other conclusions that you can come up with.


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