Awesome Extreme Make Over without Sears or ABC

A couple of years ago an African American Pastor Friend of mine invited me to his home.  He and his wife showed me around their home.  They live in a lower income area of North Omaha.  The home had a lot of problems including carpet squares covering holes in the floor carpet and broken light fixtures, and broken plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans with one paddle, a couple of cracked and broken windows, lots of heat loss through poor insulated doors and windows, some kitchen cabinet doors hanging by one hinge, and their bedroom was in a very cold basement with one heating vent – on cold tile floor, with no closet for clothes and no bathroom.  They have five children at home and were in the process of adopting a young extended family member.  They had lived this way for over two years and due to financial constraints, were unable to fix anything, and so they had stopped having people over other then family.  They asked me if I could help them.

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Her face was beaten worse than many homicide victims – more information added 8/11/2012

I wrote  this blog last week, and today I met the young lady whose face was beaten worse than many homicide victims and she gave me permission to add more information so I attached her picture, name and website – I also attached the name of the young man in Aurora Colorado who took a bullet in the hip while protecting a family from harm and danger – so I plan to repost this for awhile so that you can become better acquainted with both of them