January 2012 – Let me give you a glimpse of something to think about as you enter the new year.  Many people will make some resolutions, but lets just dissect that word.  “Re” is a prefix meaning to go back and “Solution” has at least two definitions. 

 The first meaning for “Solution” is a mixture.  If you make a resolution, be sure to “Re” go back and use the biblical “solution” of mixing your faith with God’s power.  Proverbs 3 encourages us to trust in the Lord with all of our heart and not lean on our own understanding.  
Take a moment and lean to the right.  Now lean further.  A bit further.  Can you go some more?  Stay in that position as you read this paragraph.  I think this is a picture of much of the church.  We have leaned so far over away from Kingdom principles and thoughts, and occasionally we lean back into God, and think that we are straight and in an even position, yet we are so distorted in our Kingdom viewpoints, that we really do miss the mark.  And then we wonder where God’s power is, but it is our own fault because we have leaned the wrong direction and into the wrong power source.
Without God’s power mixed into the resolution, we run the risk of leaning only on our own understanding, which is why most resolutions fail. 
The second meaning of the word solution is the word answer.  In math class, we discovered answers and solutions to the problems by working the problem out mathematically.  The bible translates the word “answer” 366 times, enough for one answer a day even in a leap year like 2012.  So “Re” and go back to the biblical answers for the solutions to your resolutions that you are seeking to achieve this next year.  Seek first the Kingdom of God first along with His righteousness.  Lean into God.  Rest on Him.  Walk in Righteousness.  Walk in Faith and mix it with God’s power and then I believe that you will see these resolutions added unto you.
Highlights of the past two weeks:
  • Eight Families were blessed with finances, food, clothing, supplies and other felt needs.  Praise God!
Thank you to so many folks from around the area and even out of state who helped make Christmas special for others that you never got to meet.  Eight different families were blessed in a variety of ways thru your Christian love & charity extended outward as you trusted me to discover and deliver to those who needed help.  The Star of Bethlehem was definitely bright that first  Christmas night, but your light was also shining bright this year too.
  • Four business owners were honored and touched through prayer and gifts.
  • Several other marketplace folks were contacted and encouraged
  • Seven Pastors received special times of prayer and encouragement – Thank You Jesus!
  • 200 CD’s of my teaching, “This is not my Recession,” were distributed as a gift at a local church.
  • A new one time Jail Ministry connection was established
  • Inmates in and recently out of prison were contacted and ministered to
  • Through encouragement and finances, a Bible study in Missouri will soon be launched – More Power Lord!
  • A family in Sioux City Iowa will receive a newer lap top computer.   – Wonderful Provision!
  • Two accurate prophetic words and prayers were shared with families in Colorado and Minnesota
  • I was invited by one of Nebraska’s Correctional Facilities to sign up and participate in Prison Ministry
  • Jason and I have begun work on securing passports for a possible mission trip to Cuba this summer.
  • I wrote an article for a local church Newsletter.
  • I had a Skype encouragement builder with some believers in Central Nebraska.
  • Wrote a pastoral letter of encouragement and prayerful assistance on a pastoral email list and received timely responses from some of those pastors.

I would love to have your feedback and also any testimonies of how this ministry has blessed, assisted or encouraged you or those you know.

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