You should have seen their smile

Hello Friends – so much is happening and so rapidly – it is amazing – more and more healings continue to be documented and proclaimed.  I get healing reports almost daily.  And some healing has been happening from just writing out texts or emails for people and they get well as they read the prayer.  This has happened several times in the past few weeks.  I also get 25 to 50 healing prayer requests a week outside of services.
Your Kingdom Prayers and Finances at Work in the past few weeks: 
You are a partner in what is listed below: – the one’s listed in purple are the smiles I can remember seeing
  • 431 commitments to Jesus this year – isn’t that spectacular!!! 
  • Two men had deaf ears open – you should have seen his smile
  • Eye problems healed such as floaters, blurred vision, dark spots removed, dry eyes – her smile was wonderful
  • Ringing in the ears substantially improved
  • Unable to get pregnant, now pregnant – you should have seen her smile
  • Healthy birth of a baby after several miscarriages – wow, what a smile
  • Many people healed of back pain now able to bend, walk, sit, stand, and work without pain – one man can now ride a riding lawn mower without pain which is his job – laughing and smiling
  • Others healed of joint pain in the shoulders, neck, wrists, ankles, knees, toes – you should have seen her smile
  • Alergies taken away by God’s power
  • Arthritis gone from hips and knees and fingers
  • Lingering pain from recent surgeries healed – you should have seen her smile
  • Metal pain, numbness and cold sensations healed with now normal life without those symptoms – you should have seen her smile
  • Stomach problems healed
  • Ankles healed from a bad car accident 34 years ago – you should have seen her reaction
  • Breathing difficulties overcome and now breathing freely. – a contagious smile for sure
  • Ongoing Headaches vanished
  • Heart problem healed – Big Smile
  • Sinus pressure gone
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness reported to be healed – you should have seen her smile
  • Limping eliminated and legs lengthened simply by walking and declaring the name of Jesus – you should have seen his smile
  • All ages including children, students and adults, young, middle age and senior citizens –  7 year old girl smiles with her thumb up too
  • Finances giving to several families with needs – all smiles as they receive their monetary gifts
  • Businesses prayed for and economic growth is a result
At our Kingdom Encounters we are teaching people how to minister to others both in private and in public.  Our Kingdom Encounters at our home continue to grow and add new people, and I would like to have a couple more launched and available around the city and metro area.  Also a special thank you to whomever has been leaving some financial blessings at the Kingdom Encounters whether in my bible or on the shelf or the top of the refrigerator, we thank you for your kind generosity.  God is doing something really special and I am so grateful.
I am available to come and lead one time (or more if needed)  Kingdom Encounters at your church or home group as a gift and absolutely free to help you become equipped to lead them or participate in them too.  If I can help you, I am willing to try. 
Lets Expand and Advance the Kingdom Together.
I am believingfor a healing revival and a healing track – – I believe that this could happen for an extended time and will get more people’s attention in a quicker fashion and way, and one reason is the whole health care debate – where right in the middle God drops in and begins healing in larger volumes and quicker than in the past drawing more and more people to Him – thus changing people from the inside out and the outside in.I am seeing it on one level  – with many getting well extremely fast – including the list above and others that I did not mention.   

I just contacted one such person  whose deaf ear opened eleven days ago and is still open – then at a local restaurant I was stopped by a staff person that I did not know who told me I had prayed for his wife of a heart condition and she got well.
God is doing so much in the healingrealm and it is happening rapidly – and then more and more are coming to a greater understanding of what a commitment to Jesus is all about – revival is very close – I can feel the wind – I can see the cloud in the distance – I know His presence is real – and here – and actively alive and working – don’t delay – draw near to God and He will draw near to you – its happening – don’t miss the beginning.  Don’t miss his presence.And God is using all sorts of ways to draw people in – yesterday as I was getting some bread I introduced myself to a man and his wife at a grocery store – I did not know them, nor recognize them, but they suddenly remembered me from a few weeks ago when I offered to pay for someone else’s groceries – I encouraged them in the Lord.  A similar experience happened at Walmart with a young man who had just graduated from high school and I called him sir – that grabbed his attention as he had been in the ROTC in high school, but now that he graduated it seemed that no one cares for him anymore – but God does and I let him know it.   You should have seen his smile.

Special Prayer  Requests:
  • Thanksgiving for many healings in the past five months
  • Thanksgiving for recent unsolicited donations to the ministry – an amazing blessing
  • A teaching position for Diane this fall
  • That we continue to walk in holiness, and are quick to repent when not representing the Kingdom in a Godly way. 
  • Anointing for our next steps in launching more Kingdom Encounters – one local church already signed up
  • More local speaking engagements in July, August and September. 
  • The last remaining steps in the process to publish my book – hopefully completed by the middle to end of August.
  • For Jason counseling at a camp this week – he has twelve 5th and 6th grade boys.
  • For Jason and his new worship CD – hopefully to be released in late August – he needs cover design and duplication

I have longed to be apart of a new movement, and this could be that new movement with an old theme – God loving his people into the Kingdom through healing.  I am on board and I hope you are too.



I believe Jesus is smiling – can you see it!



Pastor Jay W. West

1 thought on “You should have seen their smile

  1. Oh how I would love you to come to Thief River Falls sometime!!! God bless you Jay as you continue to minister healing. I know for a fact that you minister through the power of the Holy Spirit. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

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