Silent Night, Holy Night, in Summer, plus Heart Warming “God” Stories

This past Saturday I received an email note from the parents of a 61/2 year old boy.  I did not recall meeting the parents, but they shared with me that after several miscarriages, and a variety of unsuccessful fertility treatments, they had given up hope of ever having children.  But now they were writing asking me to pray for their son who battles allergies, and of course I am delighted to pray for the child.  What I did not know and later learned in the same email was that this couple attended a healing service I led over seven years ago, where I simply prayed over them and shared that they would have a child within one year, and just prior to that one year period, they had their son, who is now 61/2.  Isn’t that a great story?  Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know God still moves and talks and heals and gives life, and joy in the midst of sorrow, pain and suffering?   We serve an incredible God.

This past Sunday I was blessed to minister at a local Covenant Church.  I taught a new message, from chapter ten of my book, “Downloads from Heaven” in which chapter ten is simply titled, “Dung”.  All 14 chapters of the book have only one word titles to them.  This particular new message I shared is called Move Away from the Fan,” and I am sure you can begin to see some interesting comparisons between the word “Dung” and being far away from the fan.  It’s not as bad as you think.  In fact it was a very soft, easy-going conversational type of message that seemed to really minister to the large crowd that attended.  Its simply the story of how God protected me from a cattle truck hauling a load of cattle while on the Interstate… but it is much more than just the protection from the truck…you just have to read the story in the book to understand.


During the ministry time, one of the things I felt led to pray for was for people who were battling sleep disorders or having sleeping problems and at least half of the congregation came forward for ministry, and I then felt led to have my son who was helping with worship to play the Christmas Song and Hymn, “Silent Night, Holy Night.”  It was Christmas in September, yet the song and the prayer was so impactful and so influencing, that everyone there recognized it was a God thing for sure.  the people just lingered in extended prayer while softly singing the great Christmas Hymn, and receiving their own downloads from heaven.


After the service, I met a man I had prayed for about six years prior, who was battling macular degeneration at the time, and he initially had 80% improvement and ultimately he received 100% of his eyesight back, without surgery or other normal eye care for that type of disease.  So in the space of two days, I heard of two testimonies that happened six and seven years prior, and I was so very grateful that God had completed this amazing miracles and blessed these people in this way.


I am very encouraged to announce too, that I have sold over 50 of my books in just four days.  That truly is a blessing.  If you are interested in securing a copy, you can contact me by email at and I will share how you can connect with me to receive a book.  Jason’s new worship CD, “Running Free” is also available for those who may be interested.

On September 11th, I will be driving to Seward Nebraska to pray with some folks and consult with some others about ministry related items and healing, before moving on down the road to drive nearly ten hours to the southwest corner of Nebraska to minister to and with a group of friends at a local church called Lighthouse Fellowship in Hugoton, KS.  In fact, I will be going there several times over the next few months to teach, preach, minister, lead healing services, help with vision casting and promotion of the Kingdom of God in this small town that is almost to New Mexico.


My schedule for the next few weeks is listed below and I certainly would welcome and appreciate your prayers as I represent you and Jesus in sharing the Gospel, demonstrating the Kingdom, and promoting and advancing Godly principles to those who need to hear and apply them to their lives.  I know God will provide new opportunities not already on the calendar, and with your prayers and encouragement I will be able to discern what the Lord’s will is and continue to  walk in John 5:19 and only do what I see the Father already doing.



7 Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE

9 Downloads from Heaven, Celebration Covenant, Omaha, NE – 6pm

11 Consultations in Seward, NE

12 –17 Lighthouse Fellowship, Hugoton, KS

19 Attending Eddie James at Eagle’s Nest Worship Center, Omaha, NE

21 Kingdom Encounter, Bellevue, NE

22-26 Lighthouse Fellowship, Hugoton, KS

27 Downloads from Heaven, Eagle’s Nest Worship Center, Omaha, NE

28-29 Kingdom Encounter Weekend at Beautiful Savior Lutheran, La Vista, NE


If you would like to contact me about a ministry opportunity in your area or city, or at your church, home group, school or business, please email me at   rather than leaving me a response here on the blog sit.  Thank you.  I will return your email promptly and begin the process of how we might work together for a weekend, Sunday, midweek service, or other avenue to accomplish the goals that you have for your church, congregation, city, or geographical area.


Now, Advance the Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “Silent Night, Holy Night, in Summer, plus Heart Warming “God” Stories

  1. Wonderful stories to praise the Lord for his miraculous healings through words, spoken in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, by you.

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