Texas Ministry Round Up and Spontaneous Airport Church

Houston Conf 1

I had an awesome time in Houston Texas last weekend.  I was initially invited by Ray Hurlbut  and then I was blessed to minister in three separate venues  and meet lots of new people, and get acquainted with many friends that I had not seen in a long time as we had previously lived in Houston for eleven years.

Houston ConfI was invited to speak and minister twice at a conference called Entering His Kingdom put on by Release the Kingdom Ministries with members participating from several other locations including Victory Church and the Supernatural School of Ministry.

I was honored to speak and share Friday evening for a short 30 minute topic on “Anointed to do Good” from Acts 10:38 and Galatians 6:10.  It was an energetic topic and with lots of humor and seemed to be well received.

DSCF8385Saturday I was so happy to reconnect with Pastor Robert and Linda Delgado from Richmond Texas.  I had known Robert as a great pastoral friend and prayer partner for many years.  In fact, he is mentioned briefly in my new book, “Willing to Yield” without my knowing that I would intersect with him this weekend.  Also, my host David Carter spoke Friday night and Saturday on how to discover if you have a hard heart and it was very enlightening. 

DSCF8388Saturday evening I was planning to teach one subject but felt lead that afternoon to rewrite the message and so I ended up sharing on “Fresh Manna and Fresh Manifestation.  I had many great friends from my past show up that evening to hear me and there was also a larger contingency of hungry new friends from the Supernatural School of Ministry who were there too, along with many others.  I launched that message around 8:30 p.m. with the words that anyone and everyone had permission to get well at any time and to encounter the Kingdom of God at any time.  There was a group of folks who were struck by Holy Spirit Joy and they laughed through out the entire preaching and sharing time, and God gave me grace to teach and share effectively to everyone present.  It was an incredible time that concluded with many people being healed of pain issues and eye problems, along with good reports that later came in after the service for other afflictions and sicknesses that people had received prayer for as well.

Sunday morning the service turned much quieter as I ministered at Ashford Community Church on the subject of, “Calm Down and Cheer Up.”  This too was followed by a lengthy time of corporate prayer for many different aspects that people were either suffering or dealing with.

DSCF8395Sunday evening I moved to North Houston and taught on the Anointing under a theme I call, “Fresh Oil” and then we had extended group prayer at Refreshing Spring Ministries and this time of teaching, worship and prayer ministry also had many compliments of how the Spirit was moving.

So each service was different, and in some cases radically different, but God was the same and manifestations happened in each service that blessed the people and glorified God. 

Willing to Yield CoverWe have received the formatting and layout for the new book, Willing to Yield from the publisher and we have almost completed our task of reviewing this and will return it to the publisher for the next steps.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the many people who contributed financially to help me launch and publish this second book.  I am confident that you are going to like it just as much if not more than the first book.  I am hoping to have it completely printed and back in my possession by the end of August.  Please pray for this timetable to be achieved.

DSCF8391Pictured above is Sid Smith who is one of two people who this book is dedicated too.  Sid was an all American football player at University of Southern California and then went on to play Pro Football for three teams and retired in Houston where I met him.  He is a very Godly man and has a wonderful wife and children who all trust in God. Sid has two thriving businesses that I will highlight in more detail when you actually read the book.

And yes, we have begun to create the next book which we believe will probably be a three-volume set when completed, but released one book at a time dealing with Kingdom Encounters. 

DSCF8392My schedule in August includes ministering three times to students in 7-12 grades and also to young adults ages 18-30.  I am also scheduling many marketplace ministry prayer events along with planning upcoming messages.  Jason returns to college and Diane begins her new teaching position in early August too.  In this picture is a young professional basketball player who was attending the conference.


I am grateful for your prayers, kind remarks and ongoing financial support.  I am so blessed by God to be doing what I am doing and want to continue doing it as long as He wants me too, with as much enthusiasm, anointing and strategy that He would give to me.  I am at times challenged due to a couple of ongoing health related issues, but God keeps providing for me, and seeing me through so I know I am in good hands.  In the picture to the left, you will see Dr. Bradley who is one of those great friends and for whom our son Jason’s middle name is named after this man along with his wife Jerri.  Many people always say that Jason has a great smile and I generally respond it is because he is named after our previous dentist, Dr. Bradley.

Vineyard CrossIn the Houston Airport prior to my return trip I had the opportunity to witness too and pray with the boarding agent where you check your bags.  As a result of that visit and prayer time, she decided to upgrade me to first class.  What a blessing that was!  And then at the news-stand, I was once again given the opportunity to pray with the lady behind the counter whose brother just passed away.  She just beamed and told me that God told her that He would bring someone into her path that day to encourage her.  Both of these examples tied in so well with my first message at the conference on Anointed to do good.  It was fun and I felt like I was having church in the airport too. 

One of my favorite quotes is from Leonard Ravenhill where he penned, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” Remember, according to Acts 10:38, like Jesus, you are anointed to do good, and in Galatians 6:10 we read, “As you have the opportunity, do good unto all men, especially the household of faith.”  

One final note, I ate at an amazing tasty Mediterranean restaurant and a couple of pictures are below including my meal.  Yummy!



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