Extraordinary Opportunities

DSCF0155Hello Everyone.  I hope you are blessed in the Lord today and that your relationship with God is growing.  Its been awhile since I’ve written as my time has been consumed with planting a church called Kingdom Encounters, and finishing my most recent and 4th published book.  Well, Well, Well - KindleThe book is available this week March 17-25 2015 on Kindle for only 99 cents and there is a picture located here to share that information.  As I was completing the publishing process of this book, my current publisher asked me to consider writing a book with him about religious sacred cows based on a discussion he and I had about a message I recently shared about bypassing religious symbols and hype.  And prior to that I had already begun to write my 5th book about the anointing so now I am in the midst of writing two books at once, and yes, still working hard on planting our new church as well.

But then I received an additional blessing in that a larger publishing company called Destiny Image contacted me and is interested in publishing that new book on the anointing and future books that I write.  They have ordered my current books and plan to read them to get acquainted with my writing style.

DSCF9640Kingdom Encounters continues to grow and we are experiencing some wonderful times with God.  The people sit towards the front, and don’t have to be coaxed into worship. The services generally last two hours, yet when over, the people don’t want to leave and so they stay in extended times of prayer or lingering time of worship.  The parents of the children tell us that their kids really like the service.  The anointing is strong and amazing things happen every week.  Most weeks between our home groups and our Sunday morning times, we are having 10 to 20 visitors a week.  We have a great leadership team, and I am sending three of them to the Leaders Advance at Bethel Church in Redding, CA in late April where Bill Johnson is the pastor.  We are an Oasis of Joy where everyone gets to play and welcome the supernatural.  This is a blessing for sure.  

11034269_10205693959141942_1549883159410011269_nPictured here is a young guy who celebrated his 4th birthday at Kingdom Encounters.  I borrowed his hat for this photo.  We gave him a bag full of presents too.

I received another surprise last week when I met with the station manager of one of our local Christian radio stations operated by Salem Communications.  As we talked he offered me the opportunity to host a live one hour show, three times a week during a prime time drive home time slot of 4 to 5 pm.  And I can basically do what I want with the show, while primarily sharing what God is doing in the greater Omaha area.  This truly is a unique opportunity.  

While standing in line to check out in a local department store, I met the man behind me and offered to pray for him, and we struck up a great conversation for nearly 30 minutes, and I learned that he and his wife work full time with IRIS Ministries and Heidi and Rolland Baker and so I invited them to come and share on Easter Sunday at Kingdom Encounters. God just keeps opening up more and more new doors.  I am thrilled and learning more and more about how to trust the Lord.

This Saturday I am honored to be co-leading a local seminar with two other local Omaha pastors sharing and imparting about the Kingdom of God.  If you are in the local area, this will take place at Calvary Lutheran in northwest Omaha on Saturday March 21st from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   There is no cost to attend, and in fact, there won’t even be a love offering as we just want to offer this entirely free to the Omaha community.  Each of us will have 45 minutes to share, plus there will be worship and prayer ministry, and a lite refreshment break too.

DSCF8946And I just learned that Gov. Brownback from Kansas is coming to Omaha this Friday and he desires an appointment with me as well.  It is always a treat and an honor to spend time with this political statesman and man of God.  I value his friendship.

Finally, many of you have been praying for me for the reflux acid that has caused me to have a chronic sore throat now for ten months, but I am happy to share that I am presently about 90% better and things have greatly improved.  Thank you for standing by me with your prayers and encouragement.  The last chapter of my new book deals with this process in what I titled “Supernatural Perseverance.”   If you want to order my books from me, the information is below:

Downloads from Heaven – $10

Willing to Yield – $10

Kingdom Encounters – $12

Well, Well, Well – $12

Who Will Ascend – by Jason West – $10

Running Free – Worship Album by Jason West – $10

Shipping is generally $4 for one or two books combined – anything over that needs to be estimated so check with me first – – you can make your checks out to Anointed 2 Go and send to me at 210 Merwood St. Bellevue NE 68005.  

You may also secure these book from Amazon, EBOOK, I-Books, I-Tunes, Kindle, and Audible.  When you order directly from me, I get 100% of the financial credit, but of course many of you prefer these other venues and that is great too.  Thank you for being faithful readers. (Jason’s book is only available thru us.)

And if you need prayer today, be sure to leave your prayer request and I will be praying for you as well.

Thank you 

Pastor Jay W. West

1 thought on “Extraordinary Opportunities

  1. So good to see God’s hand on you with His face shining upon you, dear Jay.
    I pray discernment that you will accept those things intimate your schedule that are only from God and set aside the imitations from the enemy that seem good but lead to dilution and burn – out.
    You are highly valued my friend

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