“Revival Testimony Holding a Baby – plus Healing Testimonies”

This testimony is written by a young lady here at Kingdom Encounters in Omaha, who has been attending now with her husband for about six months or so, and growing in her faith and relationship with God, by leaps and bounds. 

Her name is April and she gave me permission to print her testimony below along with her picture and I added another one with her husband too. The revival culture and atmosphere at Kingdom Encounters is engaging, challenging, inspiring, with many hungry people filling the building each week seeking to genuinely worship, share and listen to testimonies, dig deep into the word of God and then have prayerful impartations after the teaching time.  This testimony reflects much of this while captivating us with the presence of JESUS!  Her testimony includes  a portion where she is holding her 8 week old baby and then the power of God came upon her in a gentle and confirming way.  


Today has been amazing and so good!! For the last two weeks I wasn’t able to go to church as the kids and I haven’t been feeling well. However we are doing much better and were able to attend. I’m so thankful we did!

The service was absolutely fantastic! Such a strong presence of the Spirit, powerful worship service with great songs, people getting healed, and praying for other people to be healed. Our toddler son, Allen tried interacting with more people, reaching out to them and one of our close friends Bret got to hold Mia. That was awesome to see. We also praised God for everything He’s done in our lives-giving Him the glory- and when Pastor Jay offered to pray for people to grow more in their faith I was among many who went up.

I witnessed so many experiences of the Holy Spirit including  falling onto the floor under the power of God and speaking in tongues. So nice to see the Lord working in people I’ve come to call family and close friends as I get to know them better. Then an incredible thing happened as Pastor Jay prayed for me. One minute I was holding Mia-Grace in my arms listening to Pastor’s words and then the next minute I fell backwards on the floor with Mia- overcome with the Spirit and there are no words to describe the experience. It was beyond amazing to connect with God in a way I’ve never experienced. I’ve never fallen before. I just wanted that moment to last all day. Mia was not hurt at all when I fell and Brianna held her as I interacted with God. ( our ushers at Kingdom Encounters carefully and gently helped her as she experienced God in this way making sure she and the baby were safe the entire time)  

My husband Frank also had a wonderful experience with the Lord today as he spoke in tongues and it was awesome to see that. And I felt this nudge from God to pray for someone I consider my sister, Brianna- I don’t have a lot of experience praying for others so it felt a bit outside my comfort zone yet I did pray and once I finished my prayer I felt peace afterwards.

Then after a really great church service we had lunch with a wonderful group of people (I’m forgetting names at the moment) but the conversations we had were deep and powerful.

In short, today has been amazing and the Lord has been “so, good- so so .

We have also been experiencing a high volume of physical healing.  Pictured here is a man named Paul who was having a major rotator-cuff issue and could not raise his arm or lift anything without a lot of pain, but after a short prayer with him, he was able to raise his arm above his head and lift his wife’s purse too.  Paul and his wife have been coming to Kingdom Encounters now for about two months.  

Another testimony includes a lady who came forward to sit on the floor near where I was preaching, and as she sat there with a friend, God supernaturally healed her of a condition that she had been having for many years called Restless Leg Syndrome.  No one prayed for her, but rather she simply got in the presence of the Lord and the symptoms, pain and discomfort vanished.  Praise God.  




Our Kingdom Encounters website is http://www.kingdomencounters.net  Check it out for more healing videos in the media section and information about us.  We have four memberships instead of just one, and we don’t share announcements on Sunday mornings, nor do we pass the offering plates, in fact some Sundays I don’t even mention the offerings and the people still give.  I shy away from hype but press in for every manifestation that God wants to bring us in His Presence.  We are multi-cultural, with some in worship with flags, dance, drawing and painting, a writers corner, a photography corner and other options with the arts too.  We love to hear testimonies each week and to experience God in a setting where everyone gets to play and we welcome the Supernatural.  We will be three years old as a church soon.    

We are not pastor driven but Kingdom Focused.  People are starting to visit us from other cities and states to discover what God is doing.  One lady moved here to Omaha so she would not have to drive 90 minutes one way  to attend. We are an Oasis of Joy and trust you will encounter the Savior when you visit too.  Thank you for honoring me today by reading this blog.  If you liked it, please share it with someone else who might also benefit from it.    

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