Supernatural Kids Ministry Ages 5-11

Last night we had a cool testimony as I led my second session with children at Eagle’s Nest on the Power and Access of the Holy Spirit – Some of the children heard from God in their small group prayer times as they prayed spontaneously for each other and most of the kids experienced some carpet time, and the parents began to pick up their little ones but the ones who had not been prayed for were …waiting in a line – at one point there was only a couple of children left.One was a young girl that I would estimate was only 7 years old. She came forward for the prayer for the Holy Spirit but I noticed she was limping, so I asked if her foot was hurting and she nodded her head yes, so I first prayed for her foot, and after a short bit asked her to walk across the room. You could see the skepticism in her eyes, and she sighed, I suspect because she knew her foot was hurting and that meant more pain, but she did it, and came back and I asked her how it was, and she said it was a little bit better.

I then prayed one more time for about 20 seconds and then asked her to walk across the room again, and this time she did not sigh, but complied, and I could visibly see that the limp was gone, and as she came back, she had this huge smile on her face and put her thumb up in the air and told me that the pain was completely gone. I then prayed for her again, and she gently fell to the floor. It was very cool, how God touched and healed her too.

Earlier in the service, some of the children gathered around me and prayed for me too – that was really sweet and I sensed the anointing really strong from some of them. The previous Sunday we had about 80 children on the floor experiencing the power and the presence of God in their lives.  Even some of the adult helpers got blasted by the Holy Spirit.

The next Kingdom Encounter is Friday evening so you Omaha area folks come out and expect a great and wonderful time with God in His presence in similar fashion to the note above. I am teaching on and about “faith”. Saturday I am ministering in Seward Nebraska teaching two sessions on Kingdom Dynamics. Remember, With God all things are possible and Jesus is Lord!

Encouragement Prayer Seminar – Saturday April 14th

     Encouragement Prayer Seminar 

  • Saturday April 14th
  • 9:00 a.m. to Noon
  • Location: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church located at 96th and Melissa in La Vista – Omaha area –  between  Giles and Harrison
  • Mid Morning Refreshments
  • No Cost – but a Free Will Offering will be gathered
  • Presenter:  Pastor Teacher Jay West of Anointed 2 GO Multi-denominational Ministries
  • Information:  This two part seminar to help us learn how to pray more effectively for those who are dealing with physical sickness, personal discouragement, and relational problems.  Often when confronted with difficult situations, we feel inadequate in how to actually pray.  You will learn how to move from being (merely affective – touching the heart)  to (sincerely effective – changing the heart)
  • For more information Contact Jay West at